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Jan 19-21, 2018
Armadillo District FREEZE-O-REE 2018 (BACK TO THE BASICS)

Come out to the Armadillo District Freeze O Ree in 2018

Armadillo District Freeze-O-Ree  (Back to the Basics)– Scheduled for January 19-21, 2018; Price: $10, including patch.  

Scouters present desired that the Freeze-o-ree be more of a teaching method. The following events are designed for the EDGE method to be used which will be split up between the Troop/Patrol leadership and the Freeze-o-ree staff. The Troop/Patrol leadership will be responsible for the Educate and Demonstrate portion prior to going to Freeze-o-ree while the staff will work on the Guide and Enable portion at Freeze-o-ree. The Guide half will be done with the aid of a judge while the Enable half will essentially be the same except for a slight difference to be judged. 

The Armadillo District troops chose to host our own Freeze-O-Ree, so let us work to make this the best ever!  Bring your handbooks / field books, your 10 essentials, your friends, and your smile.  We look forward to seeing plenty of smiles!