Armadillo Troops hold an encampment at  Palmetto State Park.

On August 17th, Troop 228 from Northwest Hills United Methodist Church and Troop 789 From Prince of Peace Catholic Church held an Encampment or multiple unit  camping experience. The site was the beautiful wooded area known as Palmetto State Park. located near Gonzales Texas. The troops had games of "capture the flag" to boost troop and patrol spirit.  They also participated in Hiking  the park has roughly 5 miles of trails. Other Scouting requirements were also completed. This may have included the Bird Watching Meritbadge  with nearly 240 Species available. Everyone had a great time as you can see in these great pictures.

Troop 228 meets on Monday nights at 7PM  in the Northwest Hills United Methodist Church  on Tezel Road. For further information Contact Cesar Abinsay or Ben Pena throughBEAScout.orgExternal Link
Troop 789 meets on Tuesday nights at 7PM  behind the The Prince of Peace Catholic Church on Grissom Road. For Further information Contact Silvia Hansen or Committee Chair through BeaScout.orgExternal Link

For more information on Palmetto State Park  visit Texas Parks and Wildlife at Link