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Become A Climbing Instructor!

Our Role

The AAC Climbing Committee's purpose is to train you to become a climbing instructor. To do that we'll need your time and commitment. You need zero experience, but if you previous experience, great! Either way we're going to train you in the knowledge, skills, and attitude to become a BSA Climbing Instructor.


Your Path

Sign Up For The Instructor Class

The Spring and Fall classes require two weekends and one weeknight. This will give you the level 1 knowledge and skills. We recommend 2-3 adults from your troop sign-up so you have the help you’ll need later on.  For more information, contact  Lynn Johnson.

Stay Current & Help Out 

After going through the training the best thing to do is help-out at Council events and other troops.  Check out Upcoming Events here. This will give you the experience you need and the gratitude for other instructors to help you later. A level 1 card is good for one year. Helping out makes renewal easier.

Mentor Program

Ask a Level 2 or Director to mentor and advise you in accomplishing climbing goals with your unit.  Check out what the Climbing Committee has been working on here Climbing Mentor Program.  Along the way, gain certifications that move you towards becoming a Level 2 Instructor yourself.  

Your Own Event

With your level 2 mentor instructor's help, plan out an event for your own troop. We've down this before and we're glad to tell you how to get through an outing with the least snags.

Serious Extra Credit

Goto Philmont! -  Take the Climbing Director’s course and take our jobs!  We don’t recommend taking this course until you’re a level 2 instructor with some experience under your belt.  This truly is a fantastic class and will take your skills even further.


This is a genuine time and energy commitment to become a climbing instructor. With your motivation and time, you'll acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitude to take your boys on a safe, fun, and worthwhile outing.

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