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Boy Scouts of America, Alamo Area Council Strategic Plan 2014-2016

Mission Statement

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Vision Statement

The Boy Scouts of America will prepare every eligible youth in America to become a responsible, participating citizen and leader who is guided by the Scout Oath and Scout Law.


Objective: Strive to increase market share of available youth in traditional programs by .5% per year until the council achieves the BSA’s benchmark of 10%. As of 2014, currently available youth in the council are 241,100.


1. While maintaining current Learning for Life Participation, increase market share in traditional programs to 9% by the end of 2016

• 2014 – 8%
• 2015 – 8.5%
• 2016 – 9%

2. Annually form sufficient new units in order to increase the number of Scouting units available to youth to join by 7.5%

• 2014 – 708 traditional units
• 2015 – 761 traditional units
• 2016 – 818 traditional units

3. Improve retention of traditional youth in the council in order to meet BSA’s benchmark of 70% annually

• 2014 – 68%
• 2015 – 69%
• 2016 – 70%


Objective: Increase Scouting awareness and participation in high risk areas of San Antonio with a goal of providing resources to create sustainable Scouting units that produce an ever increasing number of Scouts crossing into Boy Scouting and meeting the national benchmark of earning at least the rank of first class.


1. Increase the family volunteer base in project Aguila such that the goal of at least 1 adult for every 3 scouts is met.

• 2014 – 2.6:1
• 2015 – 2.8:1
• 2016 – 3.0:1

2. Increase Project Aguila participation at rate consistent with other areas of Alamo Area Council

3. Continue developing collaborations with community partners covering Bexar County to achieve the objectives of Project Aguila

4. Improve the Webelos to Scout transition in Project Aguila so that 70% of available Webelos transition to Boy Scouting

a. 2014 – 50%
b. 2015 – 60%
c. 2016 – 70%

5. Maintain a minimum of at least 70% retention rate in the program


Objective: Ensure the availability of excellent program and administrative facilities to fulfill the BSA mission


1. Maintain Budget and Endowment

• 3% in 2014
• 4% in 2015 
• 5% in 2016

• Annually validate adequacy of annual maintenance plans for each program
• Annually ensure adequate maintenance is regularly performed

2. Scoutreach Center and Aquatics Nature Center

• 2014 - Establish a sub-committee to determine program and concept plan to develop the 
• 2014 - Prepare and implement a Capital Campaign

3. Bear Creek Capital Items
• 2014 - Road improvement from County Road to Dining Hall
• 2014 - Prioritize and Identify additional capital and program improvements

4. McGimsey Scout Park
• 2014 - Improve roads behind dining hall parking to campsites
• 2014 - Construct restroom facilities for day camp and day use activities

5. Mays Family Ranch
• Complete primary build out in 2014

• 2014 – Establish multi-year maintenance plan for all camp equipment and facilities

6. Maintenance Endowment
• Develop proper inventory of all systems and facilities in order to allow for adequate long term planning of maintenance projects 
• Develop a strategic approach to utilize endowment for maintenance
• Validate adequacy of annual maintenance plans for each program.
• Ensure adequate maintenance is regularly performed


Objective: Increase the visibility and positive image of the Alamo Area Council

1. Develop marketing plan for all major council events and programs
2. 2014 - Develop social media strategy
3. Promote positive image of Scouting in our community through Council-E News; website stories; media placements
4. Collect relevant demographic data and increase the level of household connectivity to council information
5. Build volunteer involvement in all marketing activities
6. Promote and utilize council web site for all council activities and registration.
• 2014 – 100% of activities


Objective: The Alamo Area Council will recruit and retain sufficient volunteer and staff leadership necessary to deliver quality programs to the council’s membership as measured by BSA’s Journey to Excellence

1. Increase attendance at board meetings to 50% and executive board meetings to 50%.
2. Annually revise council bylaws to reflect current council needs
3. Annually evaluate board member participation in order to determine continued eligibility for service
4. Recruit new board leadership reflecting the diversity of the population that the council serves (i.e. ethnic, gender, age, socioeconomic, location in the community)


Objective: Deliver on the promise to provide the highest quality programs to the Scouting community as measured by the BSA’s Journey to Excellence

1. Annually review and provide programs to best utilize the council’s facilities at Bear Creek Scout Reservation, McGimsey Scout Park and the Mays Family Scout Ranch
2. Improve the rate of advancement in Scouting programs in order to meet gold benchmarks for advancement in the BSA’s Journey to Excellence 
3. Provide training opportunities and encourage participation in those opportunities sufficient to increase the rate of training of direct contact leaders in the council to meet the objectives of the BSA’s Journey to Excellence
• 2014 – Silver
• 2015 – Silver
• 2016 - Gold
4. Increase participation in the council’s camping programs such that the council achieves BSA’s Journey to Excellence for both Cub and Boy Scout camping 


Objective: Achieve fundraising and revenue goals sufficient to provide financial resources necessary to provide quality service to the council’s Scouting community as defined by the BSA’s Journey to Excellence

1. Annually increase council generated net contributions in the Operating Fund
• 2014 – 5% growth over the prior 3 year average
• 2015 – 5% growth over the prior 3 year average
• 2016 – 5% growth over the prior 3 year average
2. Add new permanently restricted gifts to the Endowment fund sufficient to achieve $10 million by 2016
• 2014 - Evaluate the appropriateness of existing fund distribution policy from endowment
• 2014 - $8.6 million
• 2015 - $9.5 million
• 2016 - $10.0 million

As always, it is an honor to be able to make this Strategic Plan available, and we look forward to next year when we can inform you of the many ways we continue to change the lives of the youth in the Alamo Area Council.

~Michael de los Santos, Scout Executive/CEO

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