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Proposed DistrictSchool DistrictCurrent DistrictUnitChartered Org
CentralEdgewood ISDMemorialPack 0095St John Berchm
CentralEdgewood ISDArmadilloPack 0450St John Bosco
CentralEdgewood ISDMemorialTroop 0095St John Berchm
CentralEdgewood ISDArmadilloTroop 0450St John Bosco
CentralHarlandale ISDCimarronPack 0353St Lawrence Ca
CentralHarlandale ISDCimarronTroop 0010Harlandale Uni
CentralHarlandale ISDCimarronTroop 1021Iglesia Mas Qu
CentralSAISDVictoryCrew 2008Young Womens L
CentralSAISDRough RiderCrew 2017VFW Post 1533
CentralSAISDVictoryPack 0039Holy Rosary Ca
CentralSAISDSummitPack 0087St Marks Unite
CentralSAISDVictoryPack 0101Woodlawn Chris
CentralSAISDRough RiderPack 0167San Antonio Pr
CentralSAISDCimarronPack 0177St Margaret Ma
CentralSAISDVictoryPack 0316St Mary Magdal
CentralSAISDCimarronPack 0358Epworth United
CentralSAISDCimarronPack 0432The River of L
CentralSAISDArmadilloPack 0485American Legio
CentralSAISDRough RiderPack 1886San Antonio Ac
CentralSAISDRough RiderPack 2017Veterans Forie
CentralSAISDArmadilloPack 2628SA West Rotary
CentralSAISDArmadilloTroop 0052Divine Redeeme
CentralSAISDSummitTroop 0087St Marks Unite
CentralSAISDVictoryTroop 0132Jefferson Unit
CentralSAISDCimarronTroop 0177St Margaret Ma
CentralSAISDVictoryTroop 0316St Mary Magdal
CentralSAISDCimarronTroop 0358Epworth United
CentralSAISDCimarronTroop 1412VFW Post 2059
CentralSouth San ISDMemorialPack 0651Team Lackland
Central Count29
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDTwo RiversCrew 0133First Protesta
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDDiamondbackCrew 1878Hope Arise Uni
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDTwo RiversCrew 2222St Andrew Luth
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDDiamondbackPack 0058Bulverde Unite
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDTwo RiversPack 0133First Protesta
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDTwo RiversPack 0320North Shore Un
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDTwo RiversPack 0380Coleman Compan
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDTwo RiversPack 0381New Braunfels
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDDiamondbackPack 0548Bulverde Lions
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDTwo RiversPack 0828Bracken United
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDDiamondbackPack 1492Hope Arise Uni
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDTwo RiversShip 0026North Shore Un
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDDiamondbackTroop 0058Bulverde Unite
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDTwo RiversTroop 0133First Protesta
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDTwo RiversTroop 0222Veterans Of Fo
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDTwo RiversTroop 0381New Braunfels
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDTwo RiversTroop 0828Bracken United
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDDiamondbackTroop 1776House & House
Comal/GuadalupeComal ISDTwo RiversTroop 2222St Andrew Luth
Comal/GuadalupeJudson ISDTwo RiversCrew 0343Our Lady Of Pe
Comal/GuadalupeJudson ISDCimarronPack 0239Live Oak First
Comal/GuadalupeJudson ISDTwo RiversPack 0323Everyday Chris
Comal/GuadalupeJudson ISDTwo RiversPack 0338Veteran of For
Comal/GuadalupeJudson ISDTwo RiversPack 0343Our Lady Of Pe
Comal/GuadalupeJudson ISDCimarronPack 0412Calvary Baptis
Comal/GuadalupeJudson ISDTwo RiversTroop 0038Veteran of For
Comal/GuadalupeJudson ISDCimarronTroop 0239Live Oak First
Comal/GuadalupeJudson ISDCimarronTroop 0256Lord of Life L
Comal/GuadalupeJudson ISDTwo RiversTroop 0323Everyday Chris
Comal/GuadalupeJudson ISDTwo RiversTroop 0343Our Lady Of Pe
Comal/GuadalupeNew Braunfels ISDTwo RiversCrew 0163St Peter & Pau
Comal/GuadalupeNew Braunfels ISDTwo RiversPack 0119First United M
Comal/GuadalupeNew Braunfels ISDTwo RiversPack 0163St Peter & Pau
Comal/GuadalupeNew Braunfels ISDTwo RiversPack 0363St Peter & Pau
Comal/GuadalupeNew Braunfels ISDTwo RiversPack 0382New Braunfels
Comal/GuadalupeNew Braunfels ISDTwo RiversTroop 0119First United M
Comal/GuadalupeNew Braunfels ISDTwo RiversTroop 0163St Peter & Pau
Comal/GuadalupeNew Braunfels ISDTwo RiversTroop 0382New Braunfels
Comal/GuadalupeSchertz-Cibolo-UC ISDTwo RiversCrew 0051Schertz United
Comal/GuadalupeSchertz-Cibolo-UC ISDTwo RiversCrew 0512Veterans Of Fo
Comal/GuadalupeSchertz-Cibolo-UC ISDTwo RiversPack 0051Schertz United
Comal/GuadalupeSchertz-Cibolo-UC ISDTwo RiversTroop 0051Schertz United
Comal/GuadalupeSchertz-Cibolo-UC ISDCimarronTroop 0172Christ the Kin
Comal/GuadalupeSchertz-Cibolo-UC ISDTwo RiversTroop 0512Veterans Of Fo
Comal/GuadalupeSeguin ISDTwo RiversPack 0107Mens Bible Cla
Comal/GuadalupeSeguin ISDTwo RiversPack 0317Cross Church
Comal/GuadalupeSeguin ISDTwo RiversTroop 0107Mens Bible Cla
Comal/GuadalupeSeguin ISDTwo RiversTroop 0317Cross Church
Comal/Guadalupe Count48
MustangProject AguilaRough RiderPack 0005Samministries
MustangProject AguilaMemorialPack 0205American Legio
MustangProject AguilaCimarronPack 1001San Antonio Pr
MustangProject AguilaCimarronPack 1002San Antonio Pr
MustangProject AguilaCimarronPack 1003San Antonio Pr
MustangProject AguilaArmadilloPack 1010San Antonio Pr
MustangProject AguilaArmadilloPack 1012San Antonio Pr
MustangProject AguilaMemorialPack 1014American Legio
MustangProject AguilaMemorialPack 1015San Antonio Pr
MustangProject AguilaCimarronPack 1135San Antonio Pr
Mustang Count10
NEISD/AHNEISDMemorialCrew 0008St Vincent De
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackCrew 0226Community Bibl
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackCrew 0285Coker United M
NEISD/AHFort Sam HoustonRough RiderPack 0023VFW Post 76
NEISD/AHFort Sam HoustonRough RiderTroop 0023Alamo Chapter
NEISD/AHAlamo Heights ISDRough RiderCrew 0357Towne and Coun
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackCrew 0360St Padre Pio C
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackCrew 0480Great Hearts N
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderCrew 0496St Marys Hall
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderCrew 0804St Margaret's
NEISD/AHAlamo Heights ISDRough RiderCrew 0809Alamo Heights
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0009Summit Christi
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderPack 0036Episcopal Chur
NEISD/AHNEISDSummitPack 0040Concordia Luth
NEISD/AHAlamo Heights ISDRough RiderPack 0059Alamo Heights
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderPack 0070Holy Trinity P
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0075St Thomas Epis
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0089The Fellowship
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0090Abiding Presen
NEISD/AHNEISDCimarronPack 0157Windcrest Unit
NEISD/AHNEISDVictoryPack 0216Elks Lodge #21
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0226Community Bibl
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderPack 0248St Andrews Uni
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderPack 0249St Mathews Uni
NEISD/AHNEISDMemorialPack 0274L2W Taxidermy
NEISD/AHAlamo Heights ISDRough RiderPack 0275St Lukes Episc
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0285Coker United M
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0307Holy Spirit Ca
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderPack 0345Northwood Pres
NEISD/AHNEISDSummitPack 0346St George Epis
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0360Saint Padre PI
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0362Saint Padre PI
NEISD/AHNEISDSummitPack 0375St Gregory The
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderPack 0398Madison Hills
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderPack 0444St Pius X Cath
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderPack 0445Blessed Sacram
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderPack 0496St Marys Hall
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0500St Marks The E
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0501Holy Trinity C
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0502First Presbyte
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderPack 0506Woodstone of S
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0507Northern Hills
NEISD/AHNEISDSummitPack 0511Woodland Bapti
NEISD/AHNEISDSummitPack 0537Covenant Presb
NEISD/AHNEISDSummitPack 05951st Church of
NEISD/AHNEISDSummitPack 0650Concordia Luth
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderPack 0656St Margaret's
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0657St Marks The E
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackPack 0797Aga Khan Ismai
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderPack 0804St Margaret's
NEISD/AHNEISDCimarronPack 0926Church of the
NEISD/AHNEISDSummitPack 0940Oak Meadow Uni
NEISD/AHAlamo Heights ISDRough RiderTroop 0031St Peter Princ
NEISD/AHAlamo Heights ISDRough RiderTroop 0059Alamo Heights
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderTroop 0063St Matthews Un
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderTroop 0070Holy Trinity P
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackTroop 0090Abiding Presen
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackTroop 0117San Antonio Ch
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackTroop 0145Northern Hills
NEISD/AHNEISDCimarronTroop 0157Windcrest Unit
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackTroop 0226Community Bibl
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderTroop 0248St Andrews Uni
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackTroop 0285Coker United M
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackTroop 0307Holy Spirit Ca
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderTroop 0345Northwood Pres
NEISD/AHNEISDSummitTroop 0346St George Epis
NEISD/AHAlamo Heights ISDRough RiderTroop 0357Towne and Coun
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackTroop 0360Saint Padre PI
NEISD/AHNEISDSummitTroop 0375St Gregory The
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderTroop 0398Madison Hills
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderTroop 0444St Pius X Cath
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderTroop 0445Blessed Sacram
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderTroop 0496St Marys Hall
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackTroop 0500St Marks The E
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackTroop 0501Holy Trinity C
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackTroop 0511San Pedro Pres
NEISD/AHNEISDRough RiderTroop 0513Woodstone of S
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackTroop 0515St Thomas Epis
NEISD/AHNEISDSummitTroop 0650Concordia Luth
NEISD/AHNEISDDiamondbackTroop 0797Aga Khan Ismai
NEISD/AHAlamo Heights ISDRough RiderTroop 0809Alamo Heights
NEISD/AHNEISDCimarronTroop 0926Resurrection E
NEISD/AHNEISDSummitTroop 0940Oak Meadow Uni
NEISD/AHNEISDSummitTroop 2010Woodland Bapti
NEISD/AH Count84
NISDNISDVictoryCrew 0017Helotes Hills
NISDNISDArmadilloCrew 0228Northwest Hill
NISDNISDSummitCrew 0271St Matthews Ca
NISDNISDMemorialCrew 0911Northwest Hill
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0014First Baptist
NISDNISDSummitPack 0019Colonial Hills
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0020Trinity United
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0025Oxford United
NISDNISDMemorialPack 0054Amazing Grace
NISDNISDSummitPack 0066University Uni
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 0093Vfw Post 7108
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0103Brooks Academi
NISDNISDMemorialPack 0126American Legio
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0152First Baptist
NISDNISDMemorialPack 0189Amazing Grace
NISDNISDMemorialPack 0200Northwest Hill
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0202Oak Hills Pres
NISDNISDMemorialPack 0230Forester Eleme
NISDNISDSummitPack 0233Leon Springs P
NISDNISDSummitPack 0271St Matthews Ca
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 0336St Dominic's C
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 0351Veterans of Fo
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 0352Vfw Post 7108
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 0384Forest Hills P
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 0400Northwest Hill
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0401Helotes Hills
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0402The Winston Sc
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0405St Lukes Catho
NISDNorthsideArmadilloPack 0409James F Pearso
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0410Hope Lutheran
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 0458Great Northwes
NISDNISDMemorialPack 0473Harmony School
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0484Helotes Lions
NISDNISDSummitPack 0498St Francis Of
NISDNISDMemorialPack 0520VFW Post 9174
NISDComal ISDVictoryPack 0536Western Hills
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 0558St Andrews Epi
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 0601Leon Valley Gr
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 0745Crossroads Bap
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 0789Lutheran Churc
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0818Leon Springs V
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0829Knights Of Col
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0888Our Lady of Gu
NISDNISDVictoryPack 0903The Episcopal
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 0908Crosslife Chur
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 0945Great NW Cross
NISDNISDRough RiderPack 1947India Associat
NISDNISDMemorialPack 1988St Anthony Mar
NISDNISDSummitPack 2003St Francis of
NISDNISDArmadilloPack 2211Forest Hills P
NISDNISDMemorialPack 2288Lackland VFW P
NISDNISDVictoryPack 3803Spyglass Hill
NISDNISDMemorialTroop 0008St Vincent De
NISDNISDVictoryTroop 0017Grace Fellowsh
NISDNISDSummitTroop 0066University Uni
NISDNISDArmadilloTroop 0093National Shoot
NISDNISDMemorialTroop 0100American Legio
NISDNISDSummitTroop 0110House Of Praye
NISDNISDVictoryTroop 0152First Baptist
NISDNISDVictoryTroop 0208The Episcopal
NISDNISDArmadilloTroop 0211Forest Hills P
NISDNISDArmadilloTroop 0228Northwest Hill
NISDNISDSummitTroop 0233Leon Springs P
NISDNISDSummitTroop 0271St Matthews Ca
NISDNISDArmadilloTroop 0351Veterans of Fo
NISDNISDVictoryTroop 0401Helotes Hills
NISDNISDVictoryTroop 0405St Lukes Catho
NISDNISDTwo RiversTroop 0413Dayspring Chur
NISDNISDVictoryTroop 0484Helotes Lions
NISDNISDArmadilloTroop 0485Christ Fellows
NISDNISDSummitTroop 0498Saint Francis
NISDNISDSummitTroop 0701Oak Hills Chur
NISDNISDArmadilloTroop 0745Crossroads Bap
NISDNISDArmadilloTroop 0789Lutheran Churc
NISDNISDVictoryTroop 0888Our Lady of Gu
NISDNISDVictoryTroop 0903Lutheran High
NISDNISDMemorialTroop 0911Northwest Hill
NISDNISDMemorialTroop 1988St Anthony Mar
NISD Count78
NorthwestBoerne ISDSummitCrew 0018St Peter Catho
NorthwestBoerne ISDSummitCrew 0102First United M
NorthwestMedina Valley ISDTexas HillsCrew 0471Medina Ranch I
NorthwestMedina Valley ISDMemorialCrew 0518District 2 Fir
NorthwestMedina Valley ISDMemorialCrew 1779Sunrise Leader
NorthwestBoerne ISDSummitPack 0012Spring Creek U
NorthwestBoerne ISDSummitPack 0018St Peter Catho
NorthwestKerrville ISDTexas HillsPack 0060First United M
NorthwestBoerne ISDSummitPack 0102First United M
NorthwestBoerne ISDSummitPack 0109Messiah Luther
NorthwestHunt ISDTexas HillsPack 0123Hunt United Me
NorthwestBandera ISDTexas HillsPack 0146Bandera United
NorthwestMedina Valley ISDMemorialPack 0188District 2 Fir
NorthwestMedina Valley ISDTexas HillsPack 0310Medina Valley
NorthwestHondo ISDTexas HillsPack 0370First United M
NorthwestMedina Valley ISDTexas HillsPack 0471Medina Ranch I
NorthwestMedina Valley ISDMemorialPack 0518District 2 Fir
NorthwestKerrville ISDTexas HillsPack 1205Salvation Army
NorthwestComfort ISDTexas HillsPack 1212St Michael and
NorthwestBoerne ISDSummitTroop 0018St Peter Catho
NorthwestKerrville ISDTexas HillsTroop 0060First United M
NorthwestIngram ISDTexas HillsTroop 0061Pathways 3H Yo
NorthwestBoerne ISDSummitTroop 0102First United M
NorthwestKerrville ISDTexas HillsTroop 0111Notre Dame Cat
NorthwestMedina Valley ISDMemorialTroop 0126American Legio
NorthwestBandera ISDTexas HillsTroop 0146Bandera United
NorthwestMedina Valley ISDTexas HillsTroop 0310Zion Lutheran
NorthwestHondo ISDTexas HillsTroop 0370First United M
NorthwestBoerne ISDSummitTroop 0407Spring Creek U
NorthwestMedina Valley ISDTexas HillsTroop 0471Medina Ranch I
NorthwestMedina Valley ISDMemorialTroop 0518District 2 Fir
NorthwestBoerne ISDSummitTroop 1920St Helenas Epi
Northwest Count32
SoutheastLaVernia ISDLonghornPack 0022La Vernia Unit
SoutheastDevine ISDLonghornPack 0072Vfw Post 3966
SoutheastFloresville ISDLonghornPack 0114American Legio
SoutheastStockdale ISDLonghornPack 0137Christ United
SoutheastPleasanton ISDLonghornPack 0194Pleasanton Noo
SoutheastPoteet ISDLonghornPack 0199Rotary Club of
SoutheastSomerset ISDMemorialPack 0251Somerset Unite
SoutheastEast Central ISDCimarronPack 0315St Jerome's Ca
SoutheastLytle ISDLonghornPack 0369Lytle United M
SoutheastFloresville ISDLonghornPack 0393First Lutheran
SoutheastDevine ISDLonghornTroop 0072Vfw Post 3966
SoutheastFloresville ISDLonghornTroop 0114American Legio
SoutheastKarnes City ISDLonghornTroop 0115Karnes City Ro
SoutheastLaVernia ISDLonghornTroop 0118La Vernia Unit
SoutheastStockdale ISDLonghornTroop 0137Christ United
SoutheastPleasanton ISDLonghornTroop 0194Pleasanton Noo
SoutheastSomerset ISDMemorialTroop 0251Somerset Unite
SoutheastEast Central ISDCimarronTroop 0315St Jerome's Ca
SoutheastLaVernia ISDLonghornTroop 0365Life Church of
SoutheastLytle ISDLonghornTroop 0369Lytle United M
SoutheastFloresville ISDLonghornTroop 0393First Lutheran
SoutheastSouthside ISDCimarronTroop 0704St James Food
Southeast Count22
Grand Count303

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