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One Car One Difference ®

One Car One Difference ® is a national vehicle donation program presented by Insurance Auto Auctions' (IAA) Donation Division to support the Boy Scouts of America and other participating charities. Its success depends on caring people like you! Donate a vehicle you're not using to One Car One Difference, and IAA will convert it at auction into cash to help Scouting.

Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. (IAA) is the only national salvage auction company to develop and implement a comprehensive vehicle donation processing center to assist non-profit organizations in supporting their causes and giving back to their communities. Their belief is that IAA can effectively provide an automobile donation system that can extend your options as a donor beyond conventional cash contributions.

Not every "vehicle" is a car, but every donation helps!

One Car One Difference™ accepts every type of vehicle, including:

  • Cars
  • Snowmobiles
  • Trucks
  • Personal watercraft
  • Boats
  • Heavy equipment
  • Motorcycles
  • Cars

The sale of each vehicle provides a significant benefit for the youth of the Boy Scouts of America. Your support through the One Car One Difference program will provide funding for efforts designed to build character, self-worth, responsible citizenship, and leadership skills in our youth. You could earn a tax deduction, too. Although the process of donating your vehicle is simple and quick, the benefit lasts a long time. You'll feel good about helping Scouts, and you'll get rid of that old vehicle. Sound easy? It is.

Your charitable donation to One Car One Difference has another significant benefit: helping the environment. One Car One Difference shares your commitment to creating a cleaner environment, with strict guidelines in place to ensure regulatory and EPA compliance. Two easy ways to donate your vehicle for auction:

For more information on donating your vehice, visit the Scout-specific webpage of One Car One Difference. ®External Link

Telephone: 855-BSA-1CAR or 855-272-1227


FAQs About Cars, Auctions and Charities

1. How do you turn my car into cash for charity?

Every vehicle donated to One Car One Difference will be sold at auction by Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. (IAA). That's the business they're in, and it's generally the most profitable, efficient and cost effective way to turn a car donation into money. Your donation vehicle will have exposure to the greatest number of potential buyers all around the world, which helps maximize its sale price. And that's good for your non-profit charity.

2. What kinds of vehicles can I donate?

Anything at all. Cars, trucks, motorcycles. Vehicles with damage, broken components, missing parts. Snowmobiles, boats, and farm equipment, too. EVERY VEHICLE HAS VALUE.

3. Where's the value if I junk my car?

EVERY DONATED VEHICLE can bring money for its parts, components and recyclable metal. It may not seem valuable to you, but there's someone out there ready to buy it. And that money can go straight to the fund raising organization you choose!

4. My car still runs — can it be fixed up and stay on the road?

That's our first choice, because repairable cars sell for the highest prices. A huge number of IAA's buyers are looking for cars with light damage, high mileage, or basic wear-and-tear that may make them less attractive than a new car, but still perfectly operational after professional attention.

5. My vehicle was totaled. Can you sell it?

Yes. Even cars badly damaged in an accident, fire, flood or other catastrophe have value and can be sold. By donating your car, you're keeping it out of a landfill and helping the environment.

6. My vehicle is not adequately insured — is that a problem?

No. IAA deals in cars of all kinds of title status and insurance situations (as long as the car is paid for, of course). In fact, converting an underinsured or not insured vehicle to cash at auction may be the fastest and easiest way to turn your problem car into a good deed that helps others.

7. How much of the sale price goes to my charity?

We proudly return up to 80% of the sale price to charities.

8. Why not 100%?

To make sure the auto donation process costs you nothing, part of the proceeds goes to cover the costs of vehicle transportation and clean-up, sale paperwork and title transfer, and the auction itself.

9. What happens when a car does not sell at auction?

It's eventually sold directly instead, to a parts shop, recycler, rebuilder, etc. This option helps IAA re-use more than 1.7 million tons of steel and over 268,000 tons of aluminum every year.

10. Can I donate more than one vehicle?

Yes, there is no limit. In fact, the One Car One Difference program is a great way for a lapsed hobbyist to empty a garage, or for a business to liquidate an out-of-date fleet.

11. Can I designate the proceeds to more than one charity?

No, the procedures are set up to send all the proceeds from any given donation vehicle to the single non-profit organization you designate. You can always donate another car, though!

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