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Project and Gift in Kind Donations 


The premise of project sales is to sell a part of the operating budget to an organization, corporation, or individual. For example: an organization interested in camping might pay for the cost of a camp brochure. A group interested in education might pay for a portion or all of the professional development courses for our staff.

Gifts in Kind

Occasionally an individual or business may have an interest in Scouting and be willing to give us a gift of supplies, etc. that is in the Council operating budget in lieu of a cash contribution. Once again, only items in the budget will receive credit. Project Sale Example: A company offers to give us cases of paper for our internal printing operation. Instead of going to an outside vendor for the same item, we can now use this gift and as a result save the Council’s cash for other items. Or a company can provide the cash value for the purchase of that item. All donors are acknowledged for their support. Gift in Kind Example: A person donates a row boat for camp. Although it may be needed, it may not be currently budgeted. Although we may decide to accept it and use it, the donation does not support the operating budget and would not be credited as a Project Sales, rather it would be considered a “Gift in Kind”. All donors are acknowledged for their support.

NOTE: Project Sales and Gifts-In-Kind rely on a strict time schedule using materials and resources which the Council needs on a timely basis. Funding after a project is complete is not practical and accepting a gift not relevant to the budget.

Wish List

Our camp “Extras List” represents items that would improve the quality of the Council and its programs but may or may not be critical to the operation. These items are sometimes not budgeted and credit is not given towards a district’s Give The Adventure (GTA) goals.

Capital Project

As Scouting in the council continues to grow, so do the demands upon the facilities of the council. The Alamo Area Council will be embarking upon a program to help ensure the financial success of our programs and to be able to provide the resources to maintain our two properties. This program is called our Capital Projects.

These projects will ensure the Alamo Area Council the ability to provide a quality program to the youth our county years to come!


Project Sales

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