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Mar 25-26, 2017
Air Powered Cub N' One 2017

MAR: Air-Powered Cub N' One

Cub N’ One


March 25-26, 2017

Mays Family Scout Ranch


This is the perfect time to be outside at camp in the great weather during the month of March for Air-Powered activities.  Cub Scouts will be having fun, while learning and experiencing a great adventure.

Cub Scouts will learn the values and importance of Air-Powered materials and how they are utilized in the earth’s environment. 

Air-Powered is inspired by: rockets, vacuums, fans, air compressors, engines, hot air balloons, powered cars, air transportation and others.



If you think it sounds like fun:

  • It is taking place at the Mays Family Scout Ranch.


  • For a Parent/Cub Team. This event is NOT open to siblings.

  • The camp includes Meals and Camp Fires.

Additionally... more Air-Powered surprises just might show up during the camp.