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Oct 1, 2017

All Unit Recharters Moving to December

As the majority of other Council’s across Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have done to better serve youth, all Alamo Area Council unit recharters will move to the month of December. 

Effective January 19, 2017, each unit that has a re-charter date other than December, will be moving their re-charter date to December. 

What Does this mean for our upcoming unit recharter date?

Units will proceed with current re-charter as normal; except for the date.  The renewal term will shorten to reflect the new December re-charter date. This will affect all fees for registration and Boys' Life, therefor, we strongly encourage you to not pre-write your checks before coming into the Council office to pay.  If your check is for more than the amount due, any excess money will be deposited into your Council unit account.  All units will be re-chartering twice this year until everything is synced in December. 

All units are encouraged to have their recharter process completed by November 30 of each year.  To help support this due date, BSA’s Online Recharter portal will activate on October 1 of each year.

What is the Annual Unit Recharter?

The BSA issues charters to community organizations to enable them to use the Scouting program under their own leadership as a service to their children, youth, and families. Re-chartering is the process of renewing the charter agreement between the BSA and the organization, and renewing the registration of youth and adult members. Every unit must recharter annually.

Online Recharter

Online Rechartering on time is required and critical for units in order to qualify for the Journey to Excellence Award. It is mandatory for units to continue registration without interruption to ensure Scouts are registered, allowing them to receive rank advancement and other awards; and for insurance coverage.

How does my unit get Help?

For support, please begin with your unit or District commissioners.  The commissioner page can be found online at Also, visit the resource page or contact our Certified Head Registrar, Melissa Moore, at 210-341-8611 ext. 101 or email  More details, including a FAQ, will be forthcoming. 

We appreciate your support as we move to a more efficient process in our service to youth.

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