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Dec 9, 2017
Campmaster Orientation Training

Meet Your Campmaster Corps!


Have you ever wondered who can be a Campmaster? The Answer is...





Alamo Area Council has three camps that need help hosting units on the weekend and supporting our hard working Ranger Staff with some much needed time off on the weekends.

All we ask you to give is 2 weekends per year.  You may sign up for any of the weekends as they come available and are posted to the Campmaster Calendar. 


Campmasters work in teams of 2 or more to provide units staying at our camp superior service.  You will assist with check in and check out of each unit and any additional support that may be required during their stay.  


Now it's time to meet your Campmaster....Gary Knapp - Lead Campmaster for the Mays Family Scout Ranch.  Gary's ultimate responsibility is to assist our Mays Family Scout Ranch Ranger with coordinating Campmaster volunteers.  Gary goes a step further and likes to serve as a Campmaster on weekends he is available. Read on to find out more about Gary and how Gary can support your unit as host for the weekend at the Mays Family Scout Ranch.


Gary has been a Den Leader, Pack Committee Chair, Assistant Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Committee Chair and Eagle Project Mentor. He has attended training for those positions to include: Baloo, Webelos Outdoor leader training, Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills, Wood badge, and Powder Horn.  Gary grew up on a farm / ranch in Southwest Iowa and knows the daily, seasonal and yearly routines involved in farming and ranching. Gary also has several friends in the local farming and ranching community of Medina County around Castroville for insight into the local farm and ranch practices.

As Campmaster, Gary can help you with outdoor skills as well as sharing his knowledge of lore. Gary can help instruct the square knot, half hitch, taught line hitch, Bowline, Sheet Bend, Clove Hitch, and other Knots ( Truckers Hitch, Hitching tie, etc.)  He can teach Scouting First Aid. Gary can assist with Land Navigation ( Map and Compass and GPS). Gary assisted his troop with earning the pioneering merit badge by constructing a pioneering tower. He is accomplished as a dutch oven and outdoor cooking chef.


Next week you'll have an opportunity to meet another of our Campmaster Corps!

If you would like to join this group of volunteers.  Please submit your application HEREExternal Link

Sign up for our Campmaster Orientation session on December 9th by clicking on the link to the right.  This is at no cost to you and will gain you access to the Campmaster Corp Committee page where you will receive all the resources needed to host a weekend and access to the calendar that shows the weekends open for teams to sign up for. We offer this training twice a year, once in June and once in December. 

If you have any questions about the Campmaster Corps please reach out to the Alamo Area Council Campmaster Lead, Robert Klekar.