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Apr 1, 2019
Eagle Scouts to Mars

Eagle Scouts Trip to Mars 2019

Will You Be One of the 19 Eagle Scouts Selected to Go to Mars? 

by Angel Martinez for the Alamo Area BSA: April 1, 2016 

Ask most folks in our local community and they will tell you that the highest rank in the Boy Scouting program is the Eagle Scout!  Well, we've got an opportunity to send our local Eagle Scouts even higher.  The Boy Scouts of America, Alamo Area Council are proud to partner with NASA to send a select group of 19 Eagle Scouts to Mars in 2019.  To be considered, a Boy Scout must have earned their Eagle Scout rank between April 1, 1972 and January 1, 2016.  

Only 19 spots are available so please register your interest online today by 11 pm.  Select the orange "register" button found to the right to begin the biggest outdoor adventure you will ever have in your whole life.

Those Eagle Scouts selected will be contacted by Tom Kane from to provide further instruction. OK THIS IS AN APRIL FOOLS BUT PLEASE READ ON

Eagle Scout Facts 

The Boy Scouts of America, Alamo Area Council produces about one Eagle Scout a day every year. In 2014, the percentage is 6.62% that reached Eagle Scout. Here are our numbers:
• The total Alamo Area Council membership number for Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers (males under 18 years old) in 2015 was 5,147

• The number of Eagle Scouts in 2015 in the council was 351 • 351 / 5,147 = 0.0682 ( 6.82 percent)

Since the introduction of the Eagle Scout award in 1912, the lifetime Eagle Scout percentage is 2.01 percent. That’s over 2 million Eagle Scouts. So even though the percentage has been trending upward over the years, the award is still incredibly rare. 

Quick Facts About Mars




Average Distance from Sun

93 million miles

142 million miles

Average Speed in Orbiting Sun

18.5 miles per second

14.5 miles per second


7,926 miles

4,220 miles

Tilt of Axis

23.5 degrees

25 degrees

Length of Year

365.25 Days

687 Earth Days

Length of Day

23 hours 56 minutes

24 hours 37 minutes


2.66 times that of Mars

0.375 that of Earth


Average 57 degrees F

Average -81 degrees F


nitrogen, oxygen, argon, others

mostly carbon dioxide, some water vapor

Number of Moons



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