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May 14-15, 2016


Competitive Police Exploring Training Preparing Youth for Service

"May the Best Law Enforcement Exploring Team Become Alamo Extreme"

The San Antonio Police Department in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America Alamo Area Council invites your Exploring Law Enforcement post to the newest competition in Texas. The entire competition and all scenarios will be held on the San Antonio Police Department Training Academy grounds (12200 SE Loop 410 Access Rd, San Antonio, TX 78214) on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Advisors will be asked to drive in a controlled environment on the SAPD campus. Plan now to be part of the 16 elite teams as they demonstrate essential skills needed for a law enforcement career. Only one team will receive the best overall trophy designating them the finest team to dominate the Alamo Area. Online registration is required. Event details and rules to come at www.alamoextreme.orgExternal Link.


You will be in a secured area during all training scenarios. Absolutely no guns will be allowed within the training area. Law enforcement officers will have the option to secure their personal firearms within the trunks of their vehicles or in an area designated by the competition host.


Online registration is limited to the first 16 teams and must be completed by April 29th. A post is not considered registered until all fees, health forms (parts A & B only), and youth/adult release forms have been received. Any uncompleted registration items left in the online “cart” will not be honored. All required forms can be found on the resources tab of www.alamoextreme.orgExternal Link.  Additional registration inquires may be made to


Only three-person teams will be permitted. The registration fee is $250 per team (t-shirt and meal included). Each team must be accompanied by a post advisor and must provide a marked vehicle for designated scenario(s). A $30 fee will be added for additional advisor shirt(s) and meal(s) thereafter. A one team maximum per agency will be enforced. Fees must be made payable to the Alamo Area BSA. Receipts will be available upon request. 


Check in will begin on Saturday, May 14th at 10:00 am. Participants must be seated in the amphitheater by 11:15 A.M. A safety briefing followed by roll all will kick off the day’s events. All scenarios will start at 12:00 noon. Advisors will be issued team shirts and meal wristbands. This competition is designed to simulate an actual patrol day.  Teams will be dispatched to various calls throughout their shift.


Each team will compete in six events, which will last approximately 30 minutes each. Once dispatched, each team will only have five minutes to arrive at their respective event before the judging begins. All teams must be well-rounded as they are expected to compete in a variety of scenarios.


Lunch will not be provided. A full dinner (wristband required) will be provided at approximately 5:00 PM and pizza will be served at approximately 10:00 PM. Outside food, beverages, and snacks are allowed. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are never permitted.


Trophies for best performance overall will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. A custom designed medal will be awarded to the top team for each individual scenario.


Post regulation patrol uniforms are mandatory. Be prepared for all weather conditions as events may take place outdoors in inclement weather. Explorers should have all necessary equipment (duty belts, handcuffs/keys, flashlight, traffic vests, radios etc.) and are permitted to use any additional items their post supplies with the exception of any of the below disqualifiers. Each team must contain a licensed advisor and must provide a marked vehicle for designated scenario(s). The advisor will be required to drive the team to each scenario.


Explorers will not bring any chemical device, Taser, baton, gun, knife or any other weapon. Only plastic, rubber and/or wooden guns are allowed. Any Explorer in possession of any of the above listed items during the competition will cause their team/post to be disqualified and no refund will be granted. Other than for driving purposes, advisors will not be permitted beyond viewing points, in vehicles during scenarios, or allowed to communicate with their Explorers in any way during a scenario.  Explorers are restricted from discussing any portion of the scenarios outside of their team until the competition has ended in its entirety. 


No grievance will be heard in the judging area. Advisor grievances, issues, or questions regarding the competition shall be addressed to the competition Command Staff for review and resolution.  The resolution determined by the Command Staff will be considered final.


Registration fees minus 10% will be returned should written cancellation be received before April 29th. Absolutely no refunds will be granted after April 29th unless one of the following exceptions: 1) Military Deployment, 2) Medical Emergency, 3) Death in the family. Refund request with supporting documentation must be submitted to


Alamo Extreme Competition

c/o Boy Scouts of America

2226 N.W. Military Hwy

San Antonio, Texas 78213


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