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Historic Trails

The Alamo Area Council, Boy Scouts of America has two historic trails unique to the San Antonio area.  If your Scout unit or family is planning an outing, please consider the Price of Freedom or the Old Missions Historic Trails for your hiking adventure.  

Make sure to review the leadership and training requirements on the Tour PlanExternal Link, even if you are not required to file one as a family.  It is still a great template to create your own trip plan. 

You can find more information on the requirements needed to conduct a trip and take online training at MyScoutingExternal Link

Price of Freedom Trail

This Historic Trail was first launched back in the Fall 2001 by the Boy Scout members of Troop 410, in cooperation with San Antonio's IMAX Theatre and author Mark Louis Rybczyk.  They set out to make all of downtown's cultural and historic treasures more identifiable and accessible to tourists, Scouts, and residents alike.

"Every schoolkid in town takes field trips to the Alamo, and it's on every tourist's must-see list when they come here," says Ted Borcherding, Senior District Executive with the Alamo Area Council, Boy Scouts of America.  "But we have many other historically significant sites in the downtown area that are much less known, even among native San Antonians."

The Scouts researched and laid out the historic trail, which winds for six miles through the heart of the city and along the fabled Riverwalk, featuring 27 notable points of interest.  

Click Here to Download the Mission Trails Booklet and brochure promote the new IMAX Price of Freedom Trail and its various attractions, sponsored and named after the IMAX movie which features a reenactment of the Battle of the Alamo. 

Cornerstones of the Trail are the legendary Alamo, where 189 defenders died during Texas' war of independence against Mexico, and the nearby IMAX Theatre, which features the film on the battle.

The trail also leads to such fascinating places:

  • King William District, a restored neighborhood of 1870s-vintage homes; 
  • U.S. arsenal, built by the Army in 1859 and now the home office of a supermarket chain; 
  • the location of the homestead where Lt. Col. Robert E. Lee lived from 1856-61; 
  • a footbridge immortalized in the short stories of the famous author O. Henry; and 
  • a giant, 200-year-old tree known as the Twin Cypress.

Ticket buyers also get a commemorative Price of Freedom Trail patch.

For more information, call the IMAX Theatre at (210) 247-4600.

Old Missions Historic Trails

In the 18th century, the Spanish empire established five Catholic missions along the San Antonio River.  What remains of the largest concentration of missions in North America provides an interesting look into Texas' history.  Today's Mission Trail links four of the missions: San José, Concepción, San Juan and Espada with its nearby aqueduct. The fifth is the Alamo itself – much modified but firmly fixed as the scene of a battle that helped secure Texas’ independence from Mexico.

Click Here to Download the map and brochure of this Historic Old Missions Trail

For more information on either trails, contact Historic Trails Staff Advisor, Jericho Talusan at or call (210) 305-3017

Hiking is a terrific way to keep your body and mind in top shape, both now and for a lifetime. Walking packs power into your legs and makes your heart and lungs healthy and strong. Exploring the outdoors challenges you with discoveries and new ideas. Your senses will improve as you use your eyes and ears to gather information along the way.

National Trails Day

National Trails DayExternal Link - June 1st

National Trails Day® is a celebration of trails that evolved from the report of President Ronald Reagan's President's Commission on Americans Outdoors. In 1987, the report recommended that all Americans be able to go out their front doors and within fifteen minutes, be on trails that wind through their cities or towns and bring them back without retracing steps. The recommendation, dubbed Trails for All Americans, became the impetus behind several public and private parties joining American Hiking Society in launching National Trails Day® in 1993.

Trails do not just magically appear for our enjoyment; it takes many hours of planning, labor, and negotiating to develop them. National Trails Day®, the only nationwide celebration of trails, increases awareness about trails and celebrates the hard work and support of many people and partners -- including volunteers, land agencies, and outdoor minded businesses. It is also a day to introduce people to the many joys and benefits of trails.


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