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What is "Brand"?

Discussion and Clarification of some Elements that comprise the Boy Scout BRAND

by Angel Martinez for the Alamo Area BSA: June 4, 2013

What is “Brand”?

My working definition - A brand is a multi-faceted symbol that is the summation of values consisting of tangible elements like a colored graphic, words, or musical jingle AND intangible content like stories, relationships, remembered history, and expectations.   All these value items represent an entity’s products and/or services that offers a consumer a packaged choice to support this brand/entity versus an alternative. 

Let’s review some main tangible elements

-- BSA’s Trademark, Corporate Signature, Corporate Theme, Council Theme, Council brand, and BSA activity graphic:

Corporate Trademark/BSA Main Brand – consists of fleur-de-lis with eagle, shield with 13 stars and stripes, and two five-pointed stars with the ® registration mark. (makes you want to think of freedom, patriotism, and Scouting’s highest rank – the Eagle Scout)



Corporate Signature (That includes the Corporate Trademark/BSA Main logo), which is part of the main “brand” family


The BSA THEME or also called a “tagline”, can be used WITH the Corporate Trademark (It’s a value item that helps convey brand message)

This theme helps to convey our brand Communication Elements of Scouts being prepared for –

  1. Adventure, 
  2. Leadership
  3. Learning, and
  4. Service.

Boy Scouts of America slogan "Do a Good Turn"  

The Alamo Area Council is happy to see our youth do a Good Turn and give back to the community,” says Michael de los Santos, Scout Executive of the Alamo Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. “Service plays an essential role in the traditions of the Boy Scouts of America.”

The term “Good turn” comes from the slogan of the Boy Scouts of America -“Do a Good Turn Daily”- which means to do a special act of kindness, big or small.

Unified Focus On Youth – has become a recently added Council BSA Theme or tagline that reminds us to keep the main thing, our kids, the main thing.

Council BSA Brand (our main Council brand is a sub-brand of the Corporate brand that should be used on all communications, except for email signature that uses the BSA Theme). 


BSA Corporate Identityactivity graphic depicts Scouting adventures.


Action Items and Further Resources:
  • We must value our brand as a Scouting community!  Our brand should be on all our flyers and communications.  For more information on brand and other Boy Scouts of America marketing resources, visit The Marketing ToolboxExternal Link, including our 2016 BSA Brand Identity Guide that provides the proper use of our brand.
  • Discontinue use of any old brands or logos, including our Centennial logo and the popular “On My Honor…Timeless Values” logo.  If you have questions on our brand and its proper use, feel free to contact 
Angel Martinez, Communications / Director of Scouting Relations and Communications, Alamo Area Council, Boy Scouts of America.

All display advertising must go through the Public Relations Office.

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