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Scout Studio 7

Newsroom for Scouts supporting the Story telling style of Marketing

Inside the McGimsey Scout Park, 10810 Wedgewood, San Antonio, Texas 78230

With a small group of thoughtful, committed Scout citizens, we can change the world by providing information through meaningful stories on camera.  This is the premise behind the Scout Studio 7.  

By the usual standards of newsrooms, the Scout Studio 7 is tiny.   The physical location is a space 22 feet long by 11 feet wide, and our team will soon include about half a dozen Scout youth reporters, plus several editors and adult leaders.   The information produced by the Scout Studio 7 is critical to the Alamo Area Council's growing content marketing strategy and focus on 'Good Turn' attention.  

Scout Studio 7 like Channel One 

The goal is to model Scout Studio 7 after 'best practices' found in Channel One News, a 12-minute daily news broadcast (10 minutes of news; two minutes of commercials) that was marketed to schools for classroom viewing.  Channel One is a digital content provider that the channel says will encourage young people to be informed global citizens. The daily news program has been accompanied by commercial advertising, with supplementary educational resources that are said by the channel to help students, teachers, and parents interpret the news of the day and spark conversations.

Content Marketing

“Functioning as the cornerstone of our marketing plan, good content marketing creates and shares valuable stories commonly thru searchable online articles, videos, photos, graphics, and sound recordings published on owned media platforms, like our council website and social media sites, in order to attract and keep customers.  It should also be sensibly transparent and honest about the supported brand and always include a good marketing call to action” ~ Angel Martinez, Communications/Marketing Director, Alamo Area Council

“The goals of Content Marketing are to:  Build relationships with existing clients, attract new customers, demonstrate benefits, tell interesting stories about your brand and to appear in search engines and increase web traffic.” ~ Robert Wynne, “Content Marketing – The Real Story,” Forbes Magazine, 7/8/13

Good Turn Attention

The term “Good turn” comes from the slogan of the Boy Scouts of America -“Do a Good Turn Daily”- which means to do a special act of kindness, big or small.  Scout Studio 7's story telling focus will be on people within our community making a difference by doing a 'good turn', whether that individual or organization is connected to Scouting or not. 

SCOUT STUDIO 7 coming soon

The Council Marketing Team will be looking to launch a Communications Exploring Post to help manage the new Scout Studio 7 newsroom.  Learn more about Interested young men and women 14 - 20 years of age should learn more by emailing or by visiting:

We are also looking for Community partners to help support this project!

7 Day Forecast

The Scout Studio 7 features a segment on the programming called the "7 Day Forecast" that quickly covers Scout news and events happening over the seven days from broadcast and ends with a 30 second SAVE the DATE 7 month forecast of events.  


Watch the Video:

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