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2017 Recharter News and Updates

By: Melissa Moore for the Alamo Area Council, October 27, 2017 

Dear Scouting Families,

Recharter season is upon us and we would like to make you aware of some of the changes that are happening this year with the online system.  Everyone is aware of the increase in fees from $24.00 to $33.00 which is basically $2.75 a month, Boys’ Life has not increased so it is still $12.00 for the year or a $1.00 per month. 

The following are the changes to the online recharter system.

  • The unit renewal processor will find the approval feature in the “Submit” stage. For approval to occur the renewal processor gives account access to the Charter Representative or to the Executive Officer. (Assuming this person is not the processor.) The approver reviews the roster and, if satisfied, selects their name from a pick list, enters their initials, and provides their electronic signature.When this is saved, approval has been given.
  • The system will now allow you to pay for your recharter online using a credit card, a 3% processing fee will be applied to your total fees is you choose to use this option. If you don’t choose this option the Council office will accept cash, check or your unit account for form of payments.
  • There is now a “Update unit roster” button which will allow you to refresh your roster for unit member data as well as Youth Protection status from the council. This should be done multiple times during the renewal process, especially if done over one or more days.For example, if the unit accepted Online Registration members or the council processed new members, adult or youth, use this feature.And if there are adults with Youth Protection that is current, do this to update status if the record may have changed from completed a course online.This avoids duplicate entry and saves you time.If you are in a later Stage step and use this process and there is a new record added, it will return you to “Select Members for Renewal.” If the member will renew then leave the record checked and navigate to your prior step.
  • If YPT is not current, then at Check Roster an error will occur that must be resolved.Update Unit Roster is used to find if an existing registrant has recently completed training.Errors are also resolved if the adult provided their YPT completion certificate, enter the course and date completed on the person record at “Update Member Data.” Keep a copy of the certificate to turn it into the Council with the unit renewal.Each volunteer adult leaders is verified for YPT so it must be current on their record.
  • Once you have completed your recharter and are ready to print it out the system will give you two options the E-Z summary and the full recharter packet, we are asking that you please print out the full recharter packet.Please bring that any new youth/adult applications, training certificates and money to the Council office for processing.
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