5th Annual Fire Exploring Competition




by Stuart Cram 4/3/2017

It has been five years since the Boy Scouts of America, Alamo Area Council has put on their first annual Fire Exploring competition. This year’s competition will be hosted at the Helotes Fire Department Headquarters on April 8, 2017.

      When asked what the explorers get out of the competition, the Mayor of Helotes, Tom Schoolcraft said, “I think it’s going to be a very educational day for them and I think that they will take everything they have learned and build on that.” 

In previous years, there has been competition here in town as well as Austin. The event has grown since the beginning and is going to continue grow even more. The event consists of five events:

The Bunker Gear Drill, where contestants will don a complete set of Personal Protective Equipment Clothing (PPE), and perform various activities so clothed.

The Obstacle Course, where contestants run through an obstacle course, consisting of a person-down drag, confined space crawl, charged hose line drag and a forcible entry-chopping operation; clothed in a full set of PPE.

The Three Person Race, where a team of three contestants will connect two 50’ sections of 2 ½” hose together, connect it to to a fire hydrant, add a nozzle on the end and discharge the hose!

The Four Person race, consists of a team of four who will connect an intake hose to a fire hydrant and a static pumper intake, then deploying the 2 1/2” hose 100 feet in a straight line, connecting the nozzle and discharging the hose.

Bucket Brigade, where a team of up to four contestants will transfer water from one water supply tank to another tank by using one gallon buckets.

All of these events will test what the competitors have learned from their Exploring adventures and in the classroom “Just keep going and never stop” is what Dalton Fraley, of Exploring Post 1215 said he learned from last year’s exploring competition. This will be an excellent event for spectators as well.


“It’s a competitive sport just like any other large sport and they have fun doing it” says Senior Captain of Helotes Fire Department, Rick Wall when asked what he thought about the competition and level of intensity.

Registration is $15 per individual. Awards will be given to the best top three in each division, the top performing team and the top performing individual.

For more information, contact our Exploring Executive, Misty Green at (210)422-0034 or at Misty.Green@scouting.org or go to Calendar.