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6" Catfish Added to McGimsey Pond

by Brianna Ibarra for the Alamo Area BSA; August 31, 2015

Photos by Bibb Gault

The McGimsey Scout Park pond welcomed 150 catfish this past February. The catfish were donated by volunteers to the pond so the Scouts could enjoy their fishing experience.

These 6” catfish were small when they were added to the pond and 7 months later, the catfish continue to grow and are about at 1-2 pounds each. Adding the catfish to the pond will bring excitement to the Scouts, and especially when it comes time to when they try and catch them. “They are good fighters and will be fun for the Scouts to catch,” says Tripp Holmgrain. Later, Holmgrain plans to add to the pond 150 hybrid perch. These hybrid perch will not bother the catfish, as they eat completely different things from the catfish.

Mr. Holmgrain donated the catfish to the McGimsey Scout Park pond and had help from Tom Welsh, who provided the transportation of the catfish and the transportation expenses. The Scouts will now have an exciting time trying to catch some catfish and hybrid perch! Thank you Mr. Holmgrain and Mr. Welsh.



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