April FAQ

Monthly Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions the Alamo Area Council has received for the month of April

1.  How long does it take to process a Merit Badge Counselor application?

It currently takes 3-4 weeks to fully process a merit badge counselor application, to shorten this time all applications must be submitted on the appropriate MBC Application form, with an Adult Membership Application, BSA Youth Protection TrainingExternal Link certificate, and any required qualification certificates. For additional questions on your already submitted application, please contact Carla Campbell at aac.adv.mb@gmail.com.

2. Where can I buy the Boy Scouts of America Fiesta medals?

2016 Fiesta medals can be purchased from the Council office at 2226 NW Military Hwy for $10.00 each, everyone who buys two 2016 Fiesta medals will receive a 2014 Fiesta medal for free. In addition, 2015 Fiesta Medals are for sale for only $5.00 each.

3. How do I register my 18-year-old in the Venturing program?

All 18-year-old youth (boys and girls) interested in the Venturing program must register as a Venturing participant, which includes submitting an Adult Membership Application, and a Venturing YPTExternal Link certificate.

4. I had someone donate materials/money to my Eagle project, do I need to complete a Fundraising Application?

Yes, the Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application is required where any solicitation request for funds, services, products, gift-in-kind from any and all sources, or where and of same are provided unsolicited. For more information, please visit Eagle Fundraiser Application page. Or contact, Edward Rogers, Director of Endowment, at [Click for member's page].

5. Where can I find my Internet Advancement Unit ID code?

Codes can be found on the Council website at www.AlamoAreaBSA.org/Units/Advancement, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the button Unit ID #’s. For more information, please call 210-341-8611.

6. How do I reset my Internet Advancement password?

Passwords/unit resets can be done by emailing the Head Registrar, Melissa Moore, at Melissa.Moore@scouting.org. You will need to provide her with your name, unit number, and new password otherwise a generic one will be created.

7. Why do the trainings taken on my.scouting.org not show up on personal profile from the Council office?

All members must link the two separate accounts by adding their Member ID into www.my.scouting.orgExternal Link once creating new/signed into current account. Member ID numbers can be found on membership cards or by calling Council office at 210-341-8611.

8. Why doesn’t my password from last years recharter work?

When completing your Annual Recharter you must go in as a First Time User every year and set up an account, which includes a new password. Access codes are found inside your recharter packets, on the white piece of paper with a neon label. For more question, contact Melissa Moore, Head Registrar, at Melissa.Moore@scouting.org.

9. Why does the website look different?

The Council website is being restructured for easier navigation, all items are moving from the left column to drop down menus across the top of every page. New menu names are home, calendars, about us, adventure, training/scouting u, donate/invest, shop, and resources. For a complete list of items have moved please visit. www.AlamoAreaBSA.org/news/2016Restructure.