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Can My Troop or Pack Make Money by Selling Scout Fiesta Medals

The Unit Money Earning Application and Guide can Help Provide Do's and Don'ts

by Angel Martinez for the Alamo Area BSA: October 31, 2018
We've had several inquiries over the last couple months regarding Alamo Area Council units interested in raising money by selling things besides Trails-End Popcorn and our Camp Camp risk free offerings. Of particular interest has been unit money earning projects of potentially selling fiesta medals on behalf of the unit. In that regard, all unit money-earning projects must adhere to the Guides To Unit Money-Earning Applications(Click to Down the attached PDF Application and Guide).

Speaking to Ed Rogers, our Council staff advisor on unit money earning application approvals, we learned the following:

Upon review of that Guides form, item #5, regarding sale of commercial products....

"all commercial products must sell on their own merits, not the benefit received by the Boy Scouts. The principal of value received is critical in choosing what to sell."....

Proposed money-earning project/product sale does not meet this national guideline. It also "brands" the product as a Scouting product, and uses the Scouting "brand" to make the sale which is also prohibited by the national organization guidelines. It amounts to a solicitation on behalf of Scouting which is also a prohibited action by individuals, units in accordance with guideline #7-solicitation of gifts.

We do understand that there are other worthy products which you are considering selling which do stand on their own merits without reference to the needs of Scouting. Many units have sold those kinds of products over the years. If those are to be considered for sale by your unit, you would need to submit this application form for council review and approval. 

Bryan on Scouting has a very good article that provides additional information and resources on unit fundraising dos and dont's: Link

We hope you are involved in the popcorn sale, which could be great point of sale money-earning project AT fiesta with the bagged product available.

Yours in Scouting,

Angel the marketing guy

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