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Eagle Scout Fundraising Application Process Explained

Money Also Available to Help Fund Boys' Eagle Scout Service Project

For those Life Scouts preparing to become Eagle Scouts, here is some helpful information about the fundraising process, and the application that goes with it.

OR, on the dedicated Eagle Scout page on the Alamo Area Council website

A new addition to the workbook is an application for fundraising, for “projects requiring fundraising (outside the Scout’s family, unit, chartering organization, or the benefiting organization)” according to Jim Jeffery, Council Advancement Chairman.

This application is very important because the scout must fill out the application and have it approved before beginning to fundraise. Found on page 17 of the workbook, the application must be turned in to Ed Rogers at the Alamo Area Council (his information is provided below) so that he can review the scout’s means of fundraising.

According to Mr. Rogers, a majority of the time, he receives the form, reviews it, approves it, and gives it back as soon as possible. However, one question that is confusing some scouts is near the bottom of the page:

“If people or companies will be asked for donations of money, materials, supplies or tools*, how will this be done and who will do it?

*You must attach a list of prospective donor names and what they will be asked to donate. This is not required for an event like a car wash.”

This question is simply asking for a list of companies and people that the Scout is considering asking for donations, and what exactly they will be asking for from these sources. Again, the most important part of this application is simply that it must be filled out and approved before the Life Scout can begin fundraising or asking companies and people for donations.

In order to turn the fundraising applications in to Mr. Rogers, the scout may mail them in, deliver them in person, scan and email them, or fax them. When approved, Ed will return them to the scout in the same manner (i.e. - if scanned and emailed in, he will print a copy, sign it, scan and email it back).

His contact information is below: 

Ed Rogers
2226 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78213
Fax: 210-340-9905

Ford Motor Company Fund Eagle Scout Project Grant - Currently the Ford Motor Company Fund is not accepting application because all 2016 funds have been distributed.  

Thanks to a special grant from the Ford Motor Company Fund, there is a limited resource of some money available to help fund a part of a boys Eagle Scout service project.  The Ford Motor Company Fund Application for Eagle Scout Service projects is managed by Alamo Area Council Development Director, Courtney Bukowski, who can be reached at 210-296-7623 or 

Once a boys Eagle Scout Fundraising Application is approved by Mr. Ed Rogers, application can be made for the Ford Fund that could provide a maximum of one half of the Scout's Service project budget up to a limit of $500.00.  A copy of the approved Eagle Scout Fundraising Application and a copy of the Project Budget must be submitted along with the Ford Motor Company Fund Application. 

  • The Ford  Motor Company Fund Application can be found within the Alamo Area Council's Life To Eagle Resource page.


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