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Version: January 3, 2019

New Automatic Membership Update Feature Explained

When released, a new membership update feature will be deployed to Scoutbook. On this date there will be an initial one way update of membership data from ScoutNET and my.Scouting into Scoutbook. ScoutNET is the legacy database that contains advancement data. my.Scouting is the web-based tool used by Council, District and Unit leaders to manage membership, training and other unit functions. my.Scouting is also used to access online training.

After the initial update there will be a daily update process that will occur. This process will be a one-way update from ScoutNET and my.Scouting to Scoutbook. The daily process will:

  • Update Council, District, Unit information and their respective relationships from my.Scouting.
  • Update users, both youth and registered adult members, from my.Scouting.
  • Update roster information from my.Scouting.
  • Give new Unit Key 3, my.Scouting Key 3 delegates, and Unit Advancement Chair unit admin access to the unit in Scoutbook.

The automatic membership update will greatly assist units in keeping their Scoutbook rosters accurate and current. It will also greatly assist units that have never used Scoutbook before to work with their rosters immediately without the need to manually load the unit roster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Our Unit has never used Scoutbook, how will this benefit us?

A. Previously units needed to load their membership data manually or via a Roster Import feature in Scoutbook. This will no longer be needed as the Unit and its membership data will be available for units new to Scoutbook as soon as a unit key 3 member logs in. (Note: From January 1, 2019 there is no charge for units to use Scoutbook.)

Q. Will the Roster Import feature still be available?

A. No. This feature will be disabled as the Unit membership data will automatically be updated into Scoutbook and will no longer need to be manually entered or imported. (Note: Only membership data that is on the Unit’s roster in my.Scouting will appear in Scoutbook. See below for additional information about adding non-registered users).

Q. During the year, as Scouts join my Unit, will I need to do anything in Scoutbook to add them to my Unit Roster? Once a new Scout is added, do I have to sync them?

 A. No. Once the Scout’s BSA registration has been created in my.Scouting they will automatically be added to the Unit’s Scoutbook roster through a daily update process. The Scout will also automatically be activated for the advancement sync. Please note: The process to register a Scout into the BSA varies and could include a Council Registrar entering data from a Youth or Adult application form or use of the BSA online membership application system. Regardless of the method used, once the registration has been accepted into my.Scouting it will update Scoutbook.

Q. Can a Unit add a new Scout to their Scoutbook Roster in Scoutbook? If so, what happens when the Scout is registered in my.Scouting and the system wants to update the Scoutbook roster?

A. Yes. A new Scout can be added to Scoutbook prior to the daily membership update. When the update occurs, it will update any relevant information in the Scouts record in Scoutbook. A duplicate record will be created for the Scout is there is not an exact match between Scoutbook and my.Scouting. It will be the responsibility of the Scoutbook unit admin to provide the exact information for the Scout in Scoutbook as was provided to the Council. This will ensure that when the Council Registrar enters the Scout information into ScoutNET, the update process will be able to associate the Scout’s my.Scouting record with the Scout’s Scoutbook record.

Q. Which Scoutbook members are to be updated by this daily update?

A. All registered unit adults and youth who are registered on the Unit Roster in my.Scouting will be added to, or updated, to the Unit Roster in Scoutbook as part of the daily update. Parent data and council uploaded merit badge counselor data will not be part of the daily membership update at this time.

Q. How can a Scoutbook Unit Admin or Unit Key 3 correct a membership error?

 A. If a Scoutbook Unit Admin or Unit Key 3 member identifies an error in membership data from the daily membership update, (this is most likely caused by incorrect data in my.Scouting,) the Unit Key 3 member has access to certain features in my.Scouting via the Member Manager to correct member data (e.g. address and phone numbers). If Unit Key 3 are unable to correct data in their Unit’s my.Scouting records they should contact their Council Registrar. Once corrections are made or show up in my.Scouting the data in Scoutbook will refresh in the next daily update.

Q. How are membership updates at Unit Re-charter handled? What happens when a unit recharters but does not renew the Scout?

A. When a Unit re-charters, the updated roster will be loaded into (or verified in) my.Scouting by the Council Registrar. If new Scouts or Registered Adults are added at Recharter their membership data will update to Scoutbook once they are entered into my.Scouting. If Scouts or Registered Adults are dropped at Unit Re-charter the Scout or Adult will be removed when the unit’s new Re-charter is processed by the local Council and is posted in ScoutNET and my.Scouting. More specifically, the membership end date in Scoutbook will be updated with the date of re-charter.

Q. How are multiple memberships addressed? Scouts can be members of more than one Pack. Scouts can be members of more than one Troop. Scouts can be members of more than one unit type at the same time (for example, a Scout could be a member of a Scouts BSA Troop, Venture Crew, and Sea Scout Ship at the same time).

A. The multiple memberships will be reflected in Scoutbook through the daily membership update If additions or changes are detected in my.Scouting, the update will be made to all affected Unit Rosters. Note: The membership update will not place the Scout into a Den or Patrol. The Scoutbook Admin will need to move the Scout into the correct den.

Q. How does the daily membership update work when a Scout is in an LDS and non-LDS Pack at the same time? For example, the Scout Q: We have found some members duplicated with different IDs. What may we do?

A: When importing unit roster information, Scoutbook made every attempt to keep unit rosters up to date with BSA registration system records. This was done while not disrupting unit activity on Scoutbook. We do realize there will be instances when we weren’t able to match people in our registration system against the same person in the roster because of a mismatch in Membership information. If this happened to your unit, please open a ticket with Scoutbook Support with the title “Duplicate Members” at Please provide examples of specific names and IDs with your unit and Council information.

Q. Can non-registered adults be added to Scoutbook Roster?

 A. Yes. Scoutbook Unit Admins can add non-registered adults to their Scoutbook Unit Roster and provide them access appropriate to their role (e.g. Committee Secretary, Treasurer etc)

Q. When new adult leaders are added by the membership update, what access rights will be assigned to them?

A. When a new adult is added to the Scoutbook Unit Roster by the daily membership update, the profile record of the registered adult leader will be updated and the registered unit position added in Scoutbook if absent. Only the Key 3, the Key 3 delegate and Unit Advancement Chair will have Scoutbook unit admin rights and connections to Scouts automatically. They can grant access rights to other adults and they can add non-registered adults to the Scoutbook roster. Once any rights are adjusted by a Scoutbook unit admin they will remain as adjusted; the daily membership update will not overwrite them.

Q. Can Units or Scouts subscribe to Boy's Life through Scoutbook now?

A. No. This update is only one way, from my.Scouting to Scoutbook. Scoutbook contains a “Boys Life” subscription toggle in the profile record of each Scout and registered adult. This is for informational purposes and tracking only.

Q. Will the Unit be able to use Scoutbook to Re-charter?

A. No. The official membership system for the BSA is my.Scouting.

Q. For Youth and Adults that are registered in Council or National positions will these be reflected in Scoutbook? A. No. Scoutbook does not support District, Council, or National registered positions.

Q. Are Lone Scouts addressed with this?

A. Scoutbook does not currently support Lone Scouts.

Q. Will Scoutbook allow leaders to hold more positions in Scoutbook than are listed on the roster?

A. Yes. Scoutbook unit administrators can add positions to adults that appear on the Unit Roster in Scoutbook These changes will remain in Scoutbook only. It is the Scoutbook Unit Admin’s responsibility to manage the positions that they add in Scoutbook.

Q. How will the system handle a Scout who turns 18, registers as an adult leader in a Troop or Pack then later registers with a Crew or Ship?

A. Adult Participants will appear as youth in all units but will have the appropriate leadership position reflected. At this time, Adult Participants who serves as a leader in a Pack or Troop will be limited in what they can do as they will not be connected to any Scouts or be able to updated advancement.

Q. Will the daily membership update change the access permissions for existing Key 3, my.Scouting Key 3 delegate, and Unit Advancement Chair or other adults?

A. Scoutbook Unit Admin positions will not be affected by the daily membership update. The access permissions for leaders in Scoutbook will also not be affected by the daily membership update. Only when a new adult leader is added or removed or they change position (eg become a Key 3) in my.Scouting will the permissions be updated by the daily membership update.

Q. If a Scout is not in Advancement Sync in Scoutbook now, will the Scout be activated for the Advancement Sync when this process is activated?

A. Yes. When the initial membership update occurs any Scouts currently not in Advancement Sync will be activated for Advancement Sync. Advancement Sync is a two-way update of rank, adventures, merit badge, and awards completion data between Scoutbook and Internet Advancement/ScoutNET.

Q. Will new Scouts added by the daily membership update be automatically placed into advancement sync?

A. Yes. As new Scouts are added to a Unit Roster, they will automatically be activated for Advancement Sync. Advancement Sync is a two-way update of rank, merit badge, and awards completion data between Scoutbook and Internet Advancement/ScoutNET.

Q. Will the Date Joined Boy Scouts field in Scoutbook be updated by the daily membership update?

A. Yes. The update will import the date joined Boy Scouts if it is populated in my.Scouting and blank in Scoutbook. It will not overwrite the field if it already has a date in Scoutbook

Q. Will Merit Badge Counselors be automatically added to Scoutbook as part of the daily membership update?

A. Not at this time. There are other processes for Councils to manage Merit Badge Counselors in Scoutbook.

Q. When a leader creates a my.Scouting account, will they be automatically added to our Scoutbook Unit Roster?

A. Yes. New leaders created in my.Scouting will be imported into Scoutbook as part of the daily membership update. It may take up to 24 hours before the new leader will be in the Scoutbook Unit roster.

Q. A new leader is added to the Scoutbook Unit Roster before the leader’s membership registration data has been entered into my.Scouting. How will this leader get linked to their my.Scouting account?

A. In this scenario a Scoutbook Unit Admin has added the new leader to the Unit Roster before the registration data has been entered into my.Scouting. The new leader can log into Scoutbook using their Scoutbook profile email and password. New leaders without a BSA Member # will get a pop-up message on login and a banner message on almost all pages to edit their profile and enter their BSA Member #. After the BSA Member # is entered into the leader profile, the leader will be prompted to Set Up SSO by entering their my.Scouting credentials and from then on they will use their my.Scouting username and password to log into Scoutbook.

Q. What happens to Scoutbook Family/Free accounts? Do they become fully active in their new unit even if the unit does not use Scoutbook? For example, does the issue with adding Scout leadership go away?

A. Parents/Guardians with existing Family/Free plan subscriptions can continue to track their Scout’s advancement progress in Scoutbook. However, the ability to create new Family/Free plans will not be available at this time. If the Unit decides to use Scoutbook, the parents/guardian would be set up as a Parent in the Unit Roster by the Scoutbook Unit Admin.

Q. How will the daily membership update work when two different registered leaders share the same e-mail address? ScoutNET allows this.

A. Both leaders will be imported to Scoutbook into their respective Scoutbook Unit Roster as leaders.

Q: Will unit admins be connected to new Scouts in the unit?

A: Yes, Scoutbook unit admins will have non-revocable Full Control connections to all Scouts in the unit. The Full Control connection applies to every Scout independent of how the Scout was added to the unit.

Q: Will connections be removed when Scouts leave the unit?

A: Maybe. If the Scout is automatically removed due to the nightly Member Update process all connections to leaders not connected to the Scout via another unit will be removed. Connections to parents and leaders connected to the Scout via another unit will remain. If the Scout is removed from the unit by the unit leaders, connections will not be updated. It is recommended in these cases that the unit admins manually clear connections between nonadmin leaders and the Scout.

Q: Will the unit admin be able to end the Scout's membership in the unit? We have Scouts leaving the unit for one reason or another during the year, will they automatically be put back in by the system?

A: If you end a Scout's membership in your unit in Scoutbook they would only be put back into your unit by the system if a change was made to their ScoutNET record. Alternately, you can 'un-approve' the Scout and move them to an inactive patrol or den, they will not be re-approved by the system. When the Scout is removed by council from your unit roster, their membership will be 'ended' in your unit in Scoutbook and connections to leaders in your unit will be removed if those leaders are not affiliated with the Scout in another unit. Parent connections will remain. NOTE: if you had previously ended a Scout’s membership in Scoutbook prior to the initial load of the membership update, and they are currently on your official roster, that Scout may return, but you can proceed with the above process going forward.

Q: How long before a member is dropped by the system from my Scoutbook roster?

A: If a member is removed from the unit charter, there is a 60 day grace period before a member has their unit membership ended in Scoutbook by the system. If you wish to remove them from your Scoutbook roster prior to that, a Scoutbook Unit Admin may end their unit membership. This also applies to removal of positions.

Q. When are recharters processed?

A: Renewed charters are posted after Jan 1st of the year they are for. They are not posted prior to that time because the previous charter is in effect until 12/31 of the previous year. This year posting will begin 1/7/2019. New rosters will show up in Scoutbook approximately 24 hours after they show up in


If you have questions about your official BSA roster, please contact your local council service center at 210-341-8611 or by email at If you are still stuck, please send an email to:

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