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Room to Roam - How's the fishing!

By: Terry Ellis for the Alamo Area Council, October 27, 2017

Where, what kind, what are they hitting on? Very common fishing questions, but the ultimate gamble is “it was how big”

I am not sure I can answer all of those, but maybe some generalities of things going on and a few hints.

Back in the 70’s one of the Scout Executives in Corpus Christi told me they had a Boy Scout Summer Camp on a ranch down near Laredo where it rained and rained and rained. When he got there the property was flooded so he asked one Scout what they were doing with all of the rain and he said fishing. Where he asked? And the Scout said “Uh, everywhere mister!” Another Scout told him he caught a loudmouth bass.    

Well I am going to focus in and share what I know with close to correct information about our four properties. All fishing stories are suspect though.

The Best Known Fishing Hole we have is Bear Creek at Bear Creek Scout Ranch in the Hill Country. Geez the water is clean and beautiful and I have heard some great things from Ken Lamb. He says there are small and large mouth bass, perch and brim, and yellow catfish in the creek. The largest yellow cat caught was a forty pounder while the largest largemouth bass was about five and a half lbs. The best area to fish is the boating lake on the creek. Other areas that are productive are below the boating dam and 100 yards north of the check in cottage. The large bass though was caught behind the upper dam near the Troop swimming area.

The Smallest Fishing Hole is the pond at McGimsey Scout Park. I know during Day Camp they catch perch on corn and several years ago they stocked some catfish there. Compared to when I came here 13 years ago it now has a large population of turtles. Yum or yuck your choice.

The Biggest Fishing Hole is the 20-acre lake behind the Southside Scout Office on South Zarzamora. Some of the neighbors told me they use to catch catfish when they had access before the previous owner put up a fence.

Some of the staff visit the property on the Oct. 28th with a few Scouts and a surveying company to do some advance work which will include a sonar survey. I think everyone will be happy when it is developed. (UPDATED - Here is a link to photos from the surveying event): Link

They envision all kinds of water sports besides fishing and I can see that morphing into a fishing tournament for youth members someday.

And finally the Multiple Fishing Holes! Yes, the Mays Family Scout Camp has a creek and the Medina River. I am sure the river does not need to be stocked and I have seen fish beds in the creek. The major problem here is access. Lots of brush and a high bank.

When the weather finally gets cool some of us are going to join Jacob Jay in doing some clearing and dropping a line or two. We would like to have an area(s) ready for the Mays Cub Scout Day Camp next summer. If you would like to join us let me know!

And also, next September Philmont is hosting several courses pertaining to fishing and Council programming. National for several years now has been promoting fishing as a BSA activity and is helping Council’s expand and improve the sport for youth and adults. One course is BSA Fishing Train the Trainer and the other is Certified Angling Instructor Course Director.

If you want to help at the Mays or interested in the Philmont Courses let me know –

This is a small story about the huge amount of fun your youth can have on our properties. So go see if you can catch a loudmouth bass!

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