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Centennial Legacy Profile - Jack Richmond Distinguished Eagle Scout

Richmond found Leadership Principles from Scouting      

Centennial Legacy Profile, as interviewed by Ed Rogers for the Alamo Area BSA on July 21, 2009

Name: JACK RICHMOND, born August 15, 1928, in Topeka, KS , Washburn grad, Distinguished Eagle Scout, owns San Antonio Pizza Hut franchise, active in numerous community endeavors.

Eagle: Awarded August 10,1945, Troop 11, chartered through United Presbyterian Church.

Tell me about how you first become involved in Scouting? There was a neighborhood group everybody was in it, so, I joined, too!

What is your favorite memory/ summer camp story from your days as a youth in Scouting? I became senior patrol leader, then JASM. My first leadership experience, and it was a very positive experience for me. I remember frequent outings to Scout camp, Jayhawk Council on Lake Shawnee, near Topeka. Days filled with activities. I was a good swimmer, so aquatics was a big part of camp.

Who was your Scoutmaster and what was your impression of him? Earl Peel, his son was in the troop. Great role model. Respected by adults and kids. One of my heroes, set an example for us all.

What Scouting skill/merit badge was the most difficult for you ? Cooking was tough (here I’m in pizza business)! Athletics was tough, especially 100-yard dash, I wasn’t gifted with speed.

What would be your message to young Scouts today? It’s like a lot in life, value of Scouting is based on youth leadership and adults they work with. You have a chance to change lives of kids in the neighborhood.

How did Scouting change your/ your family life? Mom was a single parent, we worked together. It was a very meaningful experience for me accepting more responsibility. It was all very challenging. As an adult volunteer in Scouting what was most memorable? My role as an adult leader started as a board member here with the Scout Country Fair in 1977. We sold 60,000 tickets!

What did becoming an Eagle Scout mean to you during your youth/ as an adult? Being an Eagle Scout was a very respected achievement-there weren’t many Eagles around! Scouting was a very prominent organization. It provided me the opportunity to learn some skills I wouldn’t normally have learned. I remember not being sure I could do it, I really felt a sense of achievement.

What legacy of your Scouting experience would you like to leave to be remembered by? It helped me realize my strengths. It played a big part in my early life in exercising leadership principles that have grown as my life advanced.


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