Request a Visit from the Order of the Arrow for your unit!

Are you looking to have an Order of the Arrow team come out to your Pack, Troop or Crew to visit for any reason?  We have made this as easy as clicking on the link for your District below and filling out a simple form.  Once you hit submit, the appropriate team will receive your submission and someone will contact you to schedule your visit. 



ARMADILLOExternal Link      

CIMARRONExternal Link      


LONGHORNExternal Link      

MEMORIALExternal Link      

ROUGH RIDERExternal Link

SUMMITExternal Link          

TEXAS HILLSExternal Link    

TWO RIVERSExternal Link   

VICTORYExternal Link          




Order of the Arrow Chapter teamsExternal Link: Please submit all your visit through this link for tracking purposes once complete.