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October FAQ

Monthly Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions the Alamo Area Council has received for the month of October

1. How do I submit my health form for this weekend event and who needs to submit one?

Health Forms (Parts A & B) are required for all participants of Council Activities (Scouts, Parents, Volunteers & Siblings). Health Forms may not be submitted/transmitted electronically (per Federal HIPAA guidelines) but may be submitted in person or by fax (210-341-7641). Please note the event name and date on your submitted copies for accurate filing. Health Forms are valid for one year and must be resubmitted for multiple events; the Council does not store submitted files beyond each event. Health Forms may be downloaded here:

2. Why don't my Scouting records transfer from one council to another when I do?

Scouting records do not transfer because every council is considered a different entity and operates separately. When you move to a new Boy Scouts of America council you will receive a brand new member ID number. To make transfers easier, the best practice is to provide your new council with your Scouting record (aka. Personal profile). This record can be obtained from the council you are transferring from. For more information on membership registration and member transfers between councils please visit:

3. Why can’t I purchase advancements for Scouts not registered?

National policy state that Scouts are not to earn advancement until officially registered. In addition, Council policy states that all advancements must be submitted through Internet Advancement, which cannot be done until a Scout has been properly registered with the Boy Scouts of America. Therefore, leaders and parents will not be able to update or purchase ranks and advancements until a Scout is registered with the Boy Scouts of America. For more information or questions please contact the Certified Registrar, Melissa Moore at or (210) 341-8611 ext. 101.

4. How long does it take for a membership application to be processed?

Fall membership season is in full swing and many applications are being turned in daily for processing. If an application is completely filled out (including all signatures) and paid for, the turn-around time for it to be entered and accepted is about 1-1 ½ weeks. To shorten this time we recommend using the online membership registration system which can be found at www.BeAScout.orgExternal Link. For more information please contact the Certified Registrar, Melissa Moore at or (210) 341-8611 ext. 101.

5. Who do I contact for questions about my merit badge counselor application?

Merit Badge Counselor applications are handled and processed through our Certified Registrar, Melissa Moore with assistance from Assistant Council Commissioner, Carla Campbell. If you have any questions about anything MBC related (i.e. process, renewals, applications), please visit or Email

6. What does it cost to join the Boy Scouts of America?

Membership fees are $24 per year per Scout. This fee is prorated throughout the year at $2 a month. Some packs, troops, teams, crews, and posts might require “dues” at time of registration to pay for camps, advancements, or uniforms. Dues are set, collected and managed by the units themselves. Council does not control or require dues to be collected. For more information about Scouting, please visit

7. What is the refund policy for the Alamo Area Council?

The Alamo Area Council refund policy states that registration fees are refundable, minus 10%, up to 8 days prior to the event and minus 50%, 7 days - 24 hours prior. If a cancellation is requested within 24 hours of the event, no refund will be issued. All refunds require a written request and copy of the receipt of payment submitted to For full details on the refund policy (i.e. session transfers) please visit

8. How do I register for an event?

All events, trainings, and rentals are handled through www.AlamoAreaBSA.orgExternal Link website. Every parent, volunteer, or leader that registers themselves or a Scout for an event will need to have an account. Onsite registration or registrations not completed online will be charged a late fee. As the council website is undergoing restructure, all Outdoor Adventures will be under the “Adventure” tab and all trainings will be under the “Training/Scouting U” tab. For question please contact

9. Why does my username and password not work on www.AlamoAreaBSA.orgExternal Link and Link? is the website for the Boy Scouts of America, Alamo Area Council which houses all event, training, council, district, unit, facility, and staff information. Many links on the council website, redirect to which is owned and operated by the National Boy Scouts of America office. For more information please email or call (210) 341-8611.

10. Where do I find a schedule and packing list for Council events?

Each council event has a "resources" tab located under its event details on www.AlamoAreaBSA.orgExternal Link.  Here you will find contact information for the event, packing lists, health forms, and schedules. For more information please contact the Outdoor Adventures department at

11. Does the Boy Scouts of America take old flags for proper disposal?

Alamo Area Council does take old flags for disposal when special events are coming up. Since these events only happen about 1-2 times per year we ask that you please call (210) 341-8611 before sending. Companies such as Dixie Flag company will also properly dispose of American flags.

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