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Popcorn Sellers Scholarship Pays Off at UT

by Angel Zuniga Martinez for the Alamo Area BSA: January 21, 2015

Trail's End College Scholarship Recipient, Corey Haines of Troop 66, shares his experiences while at University of Texas at Austin.  He recently wrote a letter to express his gratitude: 

Dear Trail’s End College Scholarship Program:

As a 2013 recipient of the Trail’s End Popcorn College Scholarship, I just wanted to email to give Trail’s End an update on my college experience.  As I write this letter, I am getting ready to start my fourth semester of college at the University of Texas at Austin.  I finished my first three semesters with a 3.94 GPA and am looking forward to the challenges I will face in this spring semester.  I recently took classes such as organic chemistry and physics and am still pursuing my goal of entering the medical field. 

This past summer, I was fortunate enough to receive a summer research fellowship from the university.  I was able to conduct independent research in a neuroscience lab that focused on learning and memory, particularly how cell structure and morphology affect the formation of memories.  I am hoping to become a mentor in the lab and work towards completing a thesis with my research.

Outside of the classroom, I continue to be active in a premedical honors society where we are able to listen to doctors and residents speak on their career paths and experiences along the way.  I was able to shadow a wound-care doctor over my winter break and saw him perform minor surgeries.  I also am still involved in the Young Life program here at UT, which is a Christian-based program designed to have college students interact with their peers as they explore their faith.  Through the campus environmental center, I went to Bastrop, TX and helped replant trees that burned down in the fires that afflicted their community several years ago.  My experience at UT continues to be a rewarding and exciting adventure.

On my visits back home to San Antonio, I’ve dropped in on scout meetings, speaking with Life Scouts about the road to Eagle, and have also helped leaders prepare for Merit Badge University and Winter Camp events.

Once again, I want to thank Trail’s End for supporting both scouting and higher education.


Corey Haines

San Antonio Alamo Area Council

Troop 66

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