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Room to Roam: Up, Down and All Around

What is up and down you might ask? Vertically a canyon wall, C.O.P.E. courses, climbing towers, and a climbing wall.
How about all around? Bear Creek Scout Reservation and McGimsey Scout Park in which everyone needs to climb or go down one of those walls at least once! It is fun, challenging, and very safe. 
First, we are going to talk about the newest and then the oldest climbing walls. Both will be an integral part of the Bear Creek Summer Camp program.
Thanks to the YMCA Boerne and Board member, Alan Compton, who helped provide the funding for our recently received climbing wall, it is all set up and ready for use. It is a 22 foot tall wall and will be a great practice wall for learning or honing ones rock climbing skills. One more new adventure at Bear Creek for our youth. 

And of course the canyon wall across the creek from the program valley. It is a great place to rappel and climb. It has been around a million years and thousands of youth an adults have had their first experience there.

The highest point, which is for rappelling only, is about 130 ft. There are smaller locations from 25 to 50 where users can rappel or climb.
C.O.P.E does not stand for Climbing Opportunity People Enjoy, but Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. 
It is a program that involves team building, gaining confidence, learning leadership skills. Participants are organized in small groups and conquer challenges involving ropes and obstacles. 
Low course elements include a twelve foot wall in which all of your team members and YOU will make it up and over. One of the high elements is where individuals climb a 35 foot telephone pole and jump off. Even though you are belayed and completely safe when you jump off I would personally choose the 12 foot wall for my C.O.P.Enjoy event.
We have C.O.P.E. Courses at Bear Creek and McGimsey. A new course is planned for the Mays Family Scout Ranch and construction should start by September of 18.                  .
Finally, the last walls are the climbing towers. They are at located Bear Creek and McGimsey and are great places to learn the skill and gain confidence with climbing and rappelling. 
All of our climbing walls and programs associated with them always have certified personnel supervising their use along with the latest safety equipment.
If your unit would like to learn more and arrange use of these facilities please go to our website and fill out the form to request a date. These programs are staffed by volunteers so the Outdoor Adventure Department has to match their availability to your request.
In the Alamo Area Council there is Room to Roam not only around, but up an down.
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