Room to Roam in the Alamo Area Council

by Terry Ellis for the Alamo Area Council: March 21, 2017 
Intro Column
I will be working on creating a new column – ROOM TO ROAM – for future additions of the website and newsletter. We are so excited about the adventure that awaits youth in the Alamo Area Council, that we want to share more stories.
I guess what inspired the idea is that in news stories, we hear about the poor health of our young people. The lack of activity, compared to that of older generations, and the parental concern for a safe environment, is well placed. Well, we have ROOM for your youth to ROAM at our current properties and more on the drawing board. They all are well managed, safe, and have a lot of space.
My first column will highlight all of the projects and improvements we have made to our properties during 2016, and some of those planned for 2017. Some you may be aware of, and some are not easily seen.
We are going to have fun and hope to inspire parents and leaders to keep our youth members
outdoors, where we have Room to Roam in the Alamo Area Council!