Room to Roam "When did they do this?"

By Terry Ellis for the Alamo Area Council: May 16, 2017. 

“When did they do this” was my thought recently as I was driving on the road in the campsite area at McGimsey Scout Park. The twelve years prior my drives were always on a bumpy “outback” road.” So with this column on ROOM TO ROAM I wanted to share about recent projects on the properties of the Alamo Area Council and some planned in the future.

I know one Scout Executive at another Council I worked for told me that one year the Council spent over $100,000 alone on repairs to the water and sewer system, something that was not even visible as compared to a road which I could see and feel. The $100,000 dollar project was thirty years ago, but since I have been in the AAC these past 12 years it has been a continuous upgrading and building on our properties.

During most of my 30 + year career I have seen many Council’s with budget issues make their first budget cuts or delays in spending on camp maintenance and building projects. I am happy to report not here!

Here is an update of what was completed in 2016 and planned for 2017:

2016 Completed Projects

McGimsey Scout Park

                Road paving

                Ranger House Remodel


Bear Creek Scout Reservation

                Trading Post Remodel

                BMX regrading

                New Water Pumps

                New Milk Machine

                New Ice Machine

                Supplies for Shooting Sports expansion


2017 Planned Projects

McGimsey Scout Park

                Ranger House Remodel

                Fence Repairs

                McGimsey House Painting and lead remediation

                Dining Hall Renovation

                New Roofs on most structures


Bear Creek Scout Reservation

                Wet Willie Slide

                Cowboy Action Shooting

                Wastewater Retention Pond Repairs


Mays Scout Reservation

                New Tents

The Council budgeted $200,000 this year for building supplies for upgrades, replacements, and major overhauls. Your support through FOS or any other income sources for the Council are helping with these improvements on our properties, new programs, and a well maintained and safe environment.

Well I hope you enjoyed learning more about what has recently been completed and projects planned.

My next several columns will feature programming occurring at our camps this summer whereas always we have ROOM TO ROAM.