Ruggedizing Youtube

By: Stuart Cram, Spring Marketing Intern 2017, January 30, 2017


Michael and David Sifuentes, two Eagle Scouts from San Antonio, Texas have embarked on producing videos focused on the outdoors.  The topics will include many things, yet are not limited to survival skills, living history, and archeology. Essentially imagine a "Last of the Mohicans" training in modern day.


These Eagle Scouts have a mastered a range of skills; from making fire to creating a Medieval crossbow and bodkins. They thank their mentor Nathan Martinez for influencing them and teaching them the skills that they are now sharing with the world on YouTube. You can tell from the videos and Instagram pages that the brothers live by the Scout Oath and Law. According to David: "Scouting is the place where a boys personality is molded, the Scout Oath and Law will always stick with me through life's journey!"  


The Sifuentes brothers cherish the outdoors and want to help educate the public on the fabulous things one can do outdoors and in the wilderness. You can say they are re- ruggedizing society. There is no end to all of the tools and knowledge that these boys can share with their friends and community. 


Its not only the outdoors that Micheal and David are interested in, they are also intrigued by the arts making them very well rounded. On David’s Instagram there is a video of his progress on the fiddle, as well as some of the other classic arts such as smithing, weapon making, and wood carving.


The Sifuentes boys have the right attitude of always learning, and now they have begun teaching too this is driven by Michaels way of life being "the greatest among you is the servant of all". They appreciate the value in what they are doing and they are sharing what all they value with the rest of the world their own scouting skills.



Along with reverence and responsibility, all a scout needs to be happy is guns, knives, and fire!

You can find out more by checking out their Youtube Channel and Instagram:

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