SALSA - San Antonio League of Scouting Alumni

Do you know someone who had a good Scouting experience but has drifted away?  Of course, it could be a Scout -- but what about dads, moms, grandparents, and others?

SALSA - the newly formed San Antonio League of Scouting Alumni - is the place for all of them!

SALSA re-connects alumni to the pulse of Scouting -- news, events, and opportunities to join the fun and help Scouting stay strong in the Alamo Area Council.

“Once a Scout, always a Scout” has never been more true, but let’s also include those who helped a loved one’s Scouting career and want to stay connected.

SALSA is designed to Reconnect and Rekindle those who want to remain a part of the world’s greatest youth character-building organization – Scouting!  

Expect to hear more about SALSA in this column and other Council communications.  And, if you know someone who should join today, send them the link below.

Yours in Scouting,

Mark Sessions,
Chairman, San Antonio League of Scouting Alumni


Pictured SALSA Committee Members Diane Warren, Mark Sessions, Jim Lynch