SALSA at the Rodeo



Everyone in San Antonio knows February is Rodeo time, so SALSA took the opportunity to go out to the grounds to spread the word about Scouting in the Alamo Area Council and the great opportunity to reconnect alumni to Scouting today.

As streams of families strolled along the Rodeo grounds and past our Scouting table on Sunday, February 11th, I could not help but reflect on how Scouting plays such a crucial role in our society.  Many who stopped at our table were Cub Scouts, full of energy and especially anxious to grab the scavenger hunt card and rush off to each expo and attraction to find the answers to the questions posed.

In each of these bright faces and those of their siblings and parents, there was an optimism and longing that we must encourage, nurture and cherish.  Scouting provides the building blocks for successful adult citizens.  Scouting provides the perfect vehicle to help young people grow in confidence, knowledge, skills and understanding.  Scouting provides the first tastes of leadership and the meaning of character as exemplified in respect for self, others, community, God and country.

To make Scouting a reality in the lives of these young Americans, SALSA can take a vital role.  Teaching a merit badge, joining in a service project, being a voice of Scouting in your church, neighborhood and family – these are all ways that reconnecting to Scouting through SALSA can be used to bring the scouting experience that you loved to those who follow.

Find a friend or acquaintance who was once active in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing or Exploring and challenge them to join SALSA and reignite the love for Scouting so that they may spread that life changing experience to others!

It is so easy to join SALSA and it is not a big commitment of time or money.  Just go to to register or for more information.

Once a Scout, always a Scout.

Yours in Scouting,

Mark Sessions,

Committee Chair, San Antonio League of Scouting Alumni