SALSA Is Active and Growing

The San Antonio League of Scouting Alumni is active and growing – all committed to serve and expand scout base, scout alumni, and the families who support the awesome programming which Scouting brings to the youth and families of America.

On Saturday, October 29, SALSA sponsored a service project to clean-up the roadway in front of the Alamo Area Council Offices on NW Military Highway.  What a job it was!  Over 100 pounds of trash and debris are now gone and properly disposed of.  


The service project brought Scouting alumni to SALSA --  like, Pete Morrison, who donned the gloves and safety vest with his wife, Cathy, and their daughter, Michelle.  They were the first to grab their trash bags and hit the road and they netted the largest haul of debris.  Best of all, Pete regaled us with stories about his scouting days in --- The Bahamas!  Let’s just say he had to circle the island more than twice to get the 50 Miler!

People like Pete Morrison exemplify what I love about SALSA:  Great people who once introduced to Scouting, loved the experience and returning years later to reconnect and give back to their community.   SALSA is one of the great ways to help those lovers of Scouting, but no longer active – former scout, leader, parent, grandparent, or friend – to revive the connection. Reminding all, that Scouting builds character, discipline, self-reliance, love of God and country...and to be connected to the pulse of Scouting today.  You can be a someone who introduces a youth or family to Scouting; just like the someone who introduced Pete Morrison to Scouting and made a life-long difference in his life. Let SALSA help you.

It is so easy to join! You probably know someone who would be a perfect fit for SALSA, so pass along your encouragement to have them Remember   Rekindle   Reconnect   Reinvest – and send them this link:

Remember:  Once a Scout, always a Scout.

Yours in Scouting,

Mark Sessions,

Committee Chair, San Antonio League of Scouting Alumni