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Scoutbook- BSA’s Next Generation Scout Unit Advancement Software

BSA Innovates by Going Mobile with Web App Scoutbook

by Angel Martinez for the Alamo Area BSA: April 13, 2015 

Scoutbook as it appears on my iPhone 6I received an email communication last week on Scoutbook (www.Scoutbook.comExternal Link), the Boy Scouts of America's next generation Scout unit Mobile-friendly Advancement Software.  "Say goodbye to your old tracking software and say hello to a whole new way of thinking about Scout advancement," says their site home page.  I've not even played with it yet, but the move by BSA makes me say, "I'm impressed." 

As a Scouting marketing professional, I've seen our "Voice of the Scout" survey results that shows BSA could do better at being more innovative. Many of us utilize our smart/mobile phones as a critical part of our work and personal lives whether its texting or paying bills online, to reading news on flipboard or staying connected to our friends on social media. BSA's move just recognized a shift in demographics on who we serve and how we must serve to grow Scouting.

Over 4,800 of our local Scouting community receive the Alamo Area Council's electronic e-newsletter called "Unified Focus on Youth E-News" (Click HERE to view).  We will continue to provide this as a local resource but now I feel challenged to make improvements by creating our own mobile web app.

Please check out www.Scoutbook.comExternal Link.  

Tell me what you think?  Here is part of the communication I received that can be found in the blog article at Bryan On ScoutingExternal Link:


...the BSA announces it has acquired Scoutbook, the revolutionary web app that makes tracking advancement easier, faster and more fun. That means more time for you and your Scouts to enjoy those life-changing experiences they can’t get anywhere but Scouting.

Imagine updating your Boy Scouts’ progress toward a rank or a merit badge with a couple of taps or clicks. Or letting Scouts input and provide proof for their own advancement progress. Or seeing at a glance which adventures your Cub Scouts lack for the next rank. Or knowing which of your unit leaders still need to complete BSA training. Or getting an automatically generated shopping list to make your trip to the Scout Shop a breeze. Or never again wondering whether you’re using the most up-to-date BSA requirements.

And imagine doing it all wherever you are and on the devices you use every day.

It’s all possible with Scoutbook.

Wayne Brock, the BSA’s Chief Scout Executive, says that Scoutbook will help the Boy Scouts of America better connect with today’s connected youth.

“Kids today are always on the go, and their communication habits and preferences reflect it,” he says. “More than 75 percent of U.S. children now have access to a smartphone or tablet — a statistic that points toward a significant opportunity for BSA, and one our organization proudly has seized upon. Scoutbook is our latest approach to delivering a more digital experience that is both fun and meaningful for our members.”

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