Many have heard that 3/4 of ‘Scouting’ is ‘outing’

By Sean Magnuson for the Alamo Area Council: May 18, 2017. 

I have been serving as the Director of Scouting Operations in the Alamo Area Council for four years now, and prior to that I had a similar role in a council in Northern California. But, before that I served districts in the executive role for 11 years in two other councils. During that time I had the opportunity to recruit many new Cub Scouts in a number of different communities with different populations of boys. Although the interests, activities and styles of these boys differed from place to place, three things always got their attention: guns, knives and fire. When I would go into a school and talk to the boys about the Scouting program, I could always count on getting their full attention when I mentioned those three things. In Scouting we shoot BB guns rifles and shotguns, we learn how to handle a pocket knife, and we learn how to make a proper campfire. I would tell these boys that if they joined Scouting and stuck with it they would get to do these things and more.

Recruiting boys today is no different. When we ask a boy to join our program, we promise them adventures including things like guns, knives and fire. The problem is that most of our Cub Scout Packs are not equipped to do that sort of thing. The place where these promises are fulfilled is at summer camp. That is why EVERY Scout should attend a summer camp program. Whether it is Day Camp or Cub Resident Camp, Webelos Camp or Boy Scout Camp, every Scout deserves to have his adventure, deserves to do the things that he was promised when he first heard about Scouting.

I am writing today to ask you, the members of our Scouting community -  parents and leaders, this question: Are your boys going to camp this summer? Are you going to deliver on that promise of fun and adventure? Or will your Scouts miss out on the most crucial part of their Scouting career? Camping and adventures in the outdoors are at the very core of what Scouting is about. It is in those environments that Scouts learn the life lessons that we as parents so want them to gain. Meeting in the church basement and doing crafts can be fun for a while, but it isn’t going to change a boy’s life and teach him how to do the hard things nor is it likely to hold his interest for long. And so, I want to ask you: Will you be ‘trustworthy’ to make sure that your boys get to camp this summer? Is cost a factor for you? Camperships (think camping scholarships) are available (the link is on Something else? The council staff is ready to help in any way we can to get your boys to camp, just give us a call.

You many have heard that 3/4 of ‘Scouting’ is ‘outing’. That is very true. Don’t miss the opportunity to make it true for your Scouts.