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Scouting Wire - BSA’s New Online Content Hub

THE Source for BSA News and Information for Employees, Volunteers, and Parents

by Angel Martinez for the Alamo Area BSA: March 5, 2015 

I received an email communication yesterday from the Boy Scouts of America's Chief Scout Executive, Wayne Brock, introducing a new online educational resource designed to make our jobs easier as we deliver the Scouting program to our youth.  As a Scouting professional, I use to receive an employee-focused e-newsletter called the Scout Wire.

Scouting Wire replaces my former e-News, and I'm happy to see the BSA unite messaging for both employees, volunteers, and parents all in one place.  It's also very mobile friendly, which means it should read and look good on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or other mobile device.  I would like to see more usage of videos since more folks young and old are increasingly more comfortable digesting their news that way than read, but, overall, this is a good step towards a more Unified Focus on Youth.  

Over 4,500 of our local Scouting community receive the Alamo Area Council's electronic e-newsletter called "Unified Focus on Youth E-News" (Click HERE to view).  We will continue to provide this as a local resource and strive to make improvements (i.e. mobile web app version), but please check out BSA's Scouting Wire.  Here is part of the communication I received:  

Scouting Wire...  

Scouting Wire (www.ScoutingWire.orgExternal Link) takes the idea of sharing news and information and multiplies it in scale, functionality, and reach. Essentially, it will be THE source for BSA news and information for employees, volunteers, and parents, all the way down to the unit level. It enables a new level for the sharing of ideas and information that will improve the way we deliver Scouting at the unit level to directly benefit the youth we serve.

Scouting Wire is organized so you can quickly find what you need by your specific role, as well as by program and key topics. And, in keeping with the BSA’s efforts to open the lines of communication and better connect the Scouting family, Scouting Wire lets you share feedback, ideas, and questions.

The other BSA sites you are familiar with aren’t going away. In fact, they will all be accessible from Scouting Wirea single destination where you can access information on all things Scouting throughout your day.

Beginning today, you will receive an email digest of the top information posted to the site each week. As an employee, there is no further action you need to take—you are already signed up to receive the employee version. If you’d like to also receive the volunteer version of the e-newsletter, you can sign up by visiting Link.

Also, we plan to share Scouting Wire with volunteers the week of March 16, after we finish the Voice of the Scout survey, but please feel free to begin sharing this resource with your volunteers immediately.

I hope you will take some time to explore Scouting Wire today. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Take me to www.scoutingwire.orgExternal Link


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