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Sharing Your Scouting Experience

By: Jim Jeffery, Alamo Area Council President

Scouting is all around us and it impacts us in so many ways: developing our youth into leaders, creating a sense of service to others and reminding us that it is ok to do the right thing.  Scouting is a way of life that some of us are fortunate enough to experience.

If you are reading this newsletter, you are a part of the Scouting family and are making a difference already.  But, there are a lot of our neighbors and friends who have not been involved, but still share some of the same values that Scouting embodies.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about how impressed I was with a group of boys who had just completed their troop elections.  Several of the younger boys showed some real initiative and courage to try to earn a leadership position in their troop.

My friend told me about one of the boys in the troop who had joined Scouts recently because of his desire to enter one of the military academies (which was about 6 years away).  I learned that the boy had no connection to Scouting other than a brief interaction with a group of graduates from one of the Academies. 

The graduates were talking to a group of students about their experiences and trying to demonstrate the importance of: maintaining good grades, establishing strong disciplines, physical fitness and having a strong faith.  Each outlined the many accomplishments they had achieved over their lives, but the one thing the young man remembered was that all of the graduates were Eagle Scouts.  Of all of the impressive elements on their resumes – that was the one that stood out the most.  On the way home, he told his parents that he needed to join a Boy Scout troop and earn the Eagle Rank.

This young man is well on his way to achieving his goal and most important – he is having fun while he is doing it.

I wanted to share this with you as a reminder to always think about your Scouting experience and share it with others.  You never know who might be listening and decide to start their own journey. 

I appreciate you and everything you do to make the Alamo Area Council stronger. 


Jim Jeffery

Council President

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