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Popcorn: 2017 Show and Sell Updates

by Jay Ghormley, for the Alamo Area Council, August 14, 2017

Preparations for the Alamo Area Council's 2017 Popcorn Sale are nearing completion as Units and Scouts prepare to fund their Scouting Adventures with popcorn sales.

Show & Sells, an effective tool for Units and Scouts to reach the community at large, will begin September 1, 2017.

In preparation for this year's sale, the Alamo Area Council has sought to coordinate sales with local vendors; however, unforeseen difficulties prevented some agreements from being reached.

Bass Pro Shops

While the Council is still pursuing a coordinated agreement with Trader’s Village, Bass Pro Shops is the only local vendor with which the Council has reached an agreement. Due to the high demand for time in front of Bass Pro Shops, a lottery has been created to fairly allocate these prime locations. Click the link to register for the Bass Pro Shops Lottery. Lottery results will be announced on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

Other Locations

Units may seek Show & Sell locations with other vendors of their choosing. With the Scout Oath and Law as a guide, please keep the following in mind when approaching a potential vendor location:

  • Be Courteous to the business staff
  • Be Kind if told the locations are already filled
  • Be Trustworthy by showing up for your selected times OR by allowing another unit to fill your slot if you are not able to be present (Your District Kernels can assist with this).
  • Be Helpful by informing the business staff that you represent a single unit, not all local units; this may help prevent the booking of “competing” units at the same time and location.

Additional Updates

As other locations/agreements become available, announcements will be posted on the Council website and communicated to selling units through District Kernels.


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