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Top 2 Reasons I continued my Journey in Scouting

The adventures I had never disappointed, if anything they inspired

by Zachary Price for Alamo Area BSA: July 5, 2015.

As I type this, I reflect upon the very beginning of my Scouting career. On a warm night in San Antonio, Texas, my parents suddenly brought me to this meeting full of boys my age wearing funny blue outfits and the adults wearing the same outfit but had a shade of tan instead of a shade of blue.

“You are a part of this now.” they said that day, and continued to say that every time I wanted to give up. The long road from Tiger Cub to Eagle Scout is a scary thing, which is one of the many things that contributed to my lack of spirit. But without this magnificent journey, I wouldn’t have the bright spirit and experience I have now.

  1. The Experience

    The first campout I recall ever going to was at McGimsey. I hated it, but it was one of many learning experiences that shaped who I am. Do I love camping more than life itself? No, in fact it still isn’t my favorite things to do. But to me, camping isn’t just about the beautiful hikes and learning to cooking your own food (Although the food was always good). Camping is also about bonding. I didn’t have many friends when I first started Scouting, but those campouts brought everyone who went on it together and created lasting friendships that only grew stronger with each new campout.

  2. The Lessons
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