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What Do You See in This Picture?

by Jay Ghormley, for the Alamo Area Council, August 29, 2018

What do you see in this picture?

Have you seen the internet stories about a picture that appears differently from one individual to the next? Or heard the audio clips that sound like one word to some listeners and a completely different word to another?

I offer this image to you? What do you see?

  • Thousands of pounds of popcorn?
  • 50+ volunteer hours to unload five (5) trucks?
  • Your living room full of boxes?
  • The ultimate binge-watching snack?

I see "firsts":

  • first time to shoot a bow and arrow
  • first time to paddle a canoe
  • first hike up Cardiac Hill at the Bear Creek Scout Reservation
  • first fish caught on a bamboo pole with a piece of kernel corn in the McGimsey Scout Park lake
  • first night in a tent
  • first S’more cooked over a campfire
  • first night of a Philmont trek

I see memories:

  • Lifelong (10 years to 80 years) friendships made in a Pack, Troop, Post, Ship, or Crew
  • A Good Turn
  • Exhausted, satisfying sleep after a long day on the trail
  • Dirty, tired, smiling Cub Scouts asleep in the car on the way home from Day Camp

I see accomplishments:

  • The first earned belt loop or merit badge
  • The first rank advancement
  • Teaching a peer or younger Scout a skill you once struggled to learn
  • Completing a Philmont trek
  • Earning the Arrow Light
  • Earning the rank of Eagle

In short, I see stack upon stack of Scouting Adventures.

The 2018 Popcorn Sale is about to begin. How will you support a Scout, a Pack, a Troop, a Post, a Ship, or a Crew? Will you purchase popcorn? Will you volunteer your time to provide the opportunity for Scouts to learn how to communicate clearly and earn their way to their own adventures?

Opportunities abound. What do you see?

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