Room to Roam - William D. Boyce to attend Day Camp at the Mays Family Scout Park

William D. Boyce, founder of the BSA, will make an appearance at the Day Camp being held at Mays Family Scout Ranch. The camp will be held July 17-21. Registration is open so your members will not want to miss it!

Ah Oh! Sorry guys, but the picture above is an imposter of William D. Boyce – James Tiberius Matthews, but the Day Camp is not. Jim or Jimi will be serving as the Day Camp Director for this event!

I got to visit with Jim about some of the programs he was planning and what made the Mays Day Camp unique. We joked about it being a “dry land” camp since it does not have a pool, but he guarantees that there will be plenty of water games and water slides for the boys to enjoy. Also, there could be something close to fishing using minnows.

Unique this year is the ranch staff recently found some arrowheads on the property so the nature hikes will include “non snipe” hunts for arrowheads along with viewing many birds and other wildlife on the property. He encourages every boy to bring a walking stick or maybe the staff can help them make one.

Jim says a great Day Camp will always have two elements, one – a variety of fun activities and two – a well trained and experienced staff. He concluded that a variety of totally different activities each day was the key. He made it sound like a boy should wake up excited every day asking “I wonder what we are going to do today?”

Having had a 30 + year career with the BSA before retiring, he has been a Day Camp Director in Fort Worth, San Antonio, Roswell NM and Ft. Walton Beach Florida. Jim also served as a Boy Scout Camp Director in most of those Council’s and at several High Adventure Centers. I do believe Jim has seen a wide variety of activities in all of those years.

Speaking of William D. Boyce, Jim always encourages his staff to plan meaningful openings and closings. Ceremonies might include patriotism, character elements like service to others, and historical figures.  As far as I know with the recent arrowhead find Jimi may show up as Geronimo on one of those days.

The Mays Family Scout Ranch is a great facility for Day Camp. It has plenty of shade, many restrooms, and is well maintained.

I guess one last thing we had in our conversation was about parent involvement. Parents are encouraged to come out every day or as much as possible. Get outdoors and experience the fun of hiking, shooting archery, and completing projects with your son. If you are going to visit you must complete a Texas YPT class to be on the property during camp. There are still many opportunities to complete the course and it is available most days first thing in the morning during the Day Camp.

If you and your family have never been to the Mays please come out as you will see, we have ROOM TO ROAM.