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Candidates for 2016-2017 ATH Lodge Office.

Lodge Officer Candidates 

The following candidates are running for the Lodge Officer positions for 2016 - 2017 at Aina Topa Hutsi. A brief bio of each candidate is presented following the list. 

Lodge Chief

  • Zeb Knapp

Vice Chief Chapters

  • Cosmo Kinsey

  • Evan Dooley

Vice Chief Administration

  • Tyler Maris

Vice Chief Programs

  • Cody Dockery

  • Jesse Fehr

Vice Chief Inductions

  • Job Keith

  • Nicholas Guerrero


Candidate Bios

Zeb Knapp (Running for Lodge Chief)

  • Qualifications
    • NYLT youth course leader
    • Eagle scout
    • Vigil honor member
    • 1 year of lodge vice chief of admin
    • Attended every lodge function this year
  • Goals
    • Develop our chapter leaders and lodge officers in a lodge LLD.
    • Promote and service our camps.
    • Have more events to unite our lodge achieve silver JTE.

Cosmo A. Kinsey (Running for Vice Chief of Chapters)

  • Reasons why ATH membership should vote for me (reasons, goals, plans):
    • I would like to improve upon our already strong ties of Brotherhood within our lodge.
    • I am interested in expanding my leadership capabilities by promoting inter-chapter events, which will require me to be able to motivate others to participate.
    • I really enjoy the fellowship of the ATH and providing volunteer service to our community.
    • I have served as the Chapter Chief of the Diamondback Chapter in 2013-2014 and served as the Vice Chief of Programs for Diamondback Chapter from 2015-2016.
    • In this position, one of my goals would be to increase participation in our events and reach out to our less active members through sharing of stories of the fun fellowship experienced at our events.
    • Another goal if elected as the Vice Chief of Chapters would be to send out newsletter like emails to offer additional guidance and information to the Chapters and their officers.
    • As Vice Chief of Chapters I would attempt to improve Troop representation by visiting as many Troops as I can to talk about the OA and the Lodge’s events.
    • I am able to communicate with individuals of all ages within the Lodge as evidenced by my recent experiences as a staff member at Bear Creek Scout Reservation

Evan Dooley (Running for Vice Chief of Chapters)

  • Qualifications:
    • I have attended the Lodge Leadership Training (LLT)
    • I have attended and graduated from NYLT.
    • I am a student leader in the Smithson Valley Ranger Band.
    • I currently hold the position of Chairman of Ceremonies
    • I am the Diamondback Chapter Chief
    • I have served as SPL, ASPL, PL, APL, OA Rep, and Den Chief in my troop.
    • I believe that with my experiences as a chapter chief I can really identify the weak points that need to be hit on between chapters and the lodge. 

Tyler Maris (Running for Vice Chief of Administration)

  • A few reasons for voting for me include:
    • Extensive experience of leadership within scouting.
    • Headed several Engineering group projects at Texas A&M.
    • NYLT trained.
    • Headed guest experience during this year’s conclave as well as been involved in prior years.
    • I plan to increase efficiency in communication throughout the lodge.

Cody Dockery (Running for Vice Chief of Programs)

  • Qualifications:
    • Last term I was Vice Chief of Program.
    • I already have a plan for the next upcoming events.

Jesse Author Fehr (Running for Vice Chief of Programs)

  • I have been working with lodge leadership for 2 years now.
  • I have helped plan and execute events when I was program chairman.
  • One of my goals this year is to have a better turn-out rate than last year.
  • I already have some plans and ideas for both fellowship and some for conclave.
  • This year my schedule will be more open so i can make more events.
  • I want an actual program committee so if I'm not there, they know whats going on and can take charge.

Job David Keith (Running for Vice Chief of Inductions)

  • Experience:
    • Completed NYLT/NYLT Staff and I plan to attend NAYLE in 2017
    • I have served as SPL for 3 years at Troop 114, celebrating 106 years of continuous service.
    • I am Brotherhood and served as Chairman of Communications for Section Conclave 2016.
  • Goals/Plans:
    • Election team training/information at Chapter level, and easy access for assistance and information for units.
    • Elangomat training and improved experience for elangomats during ordeal.
    • Plan for maintaining contact and involvement with arrowmen from ordeal to brotherhood.
    • Increase ceremony team training and involvement through all chapters.

Nicholas Guerrero (Running for Vice Chief of Inductions)

  • Reasons I should be considered:
    • I have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.
    • I am already very involved in the Order of the Arrow and would like to further my involvement.
    • I have staffed 3 years at NYLT and have years of experience in leadership in my troop.
    • I have served as Emcee at Section Conclave and have great communication skills.
    • I like to further the success of our lodge at Conclave events and further participation of Arrowmen in our Lodge.


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