2017 OA Unit Election Instructions

The time is upon us to elect new members into the Order of the Arrow (OA).  These unit elections kick off on September 20, 2017 and will end on December 20, 2017.  We encourage you to use this time frame to elect your members but if you miss this time we will be happy to accommodate you throughout the year.  There are many advantages to holding an election which includes: recognizing “honor” scouts, encouraging youth participation, leadership training, and providing another motivation to go camping and earn first class.  

For details on qualifications (youth and adult), procedures, and more detailed information, please download the Unit Elections Letter HERE.










For Scheduling Unit OA Elections please click on your District/Chapter name below.  Information you will need to submit a request is: Troop number, contact person, position in the unit, email address, phone number, address of the troop meeting location, specific location of the meeting (gym, cafeteria, etc), preferred date (1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice), preferred time, estimated eligible youth. Once the request is submitted, you will be contacted to confirm the final date and time by the election team.

If you have other questions, please contact the District/Chapter Contact listed.


ARMADILLOExternal Link       Will Sudds      (210) 681-5962           wilcin12@aol.com

CIMARRONExternal Link       Teresa Wishard (210) 922-7036         teresawishard@yahoo.com

DIAMONDBACKExternal Link  Laura Campos (910) 624-5579          diamondbackOA@gmail.com

LONGHORNExternal Link       David Keith    (210) 705-2619           jobspappy@gmail.com

MEMORIALExternal Link       Patty Arnett     (210) 422-9664           pattyarentt18@aol.com

ROUGH RIDERExternal Link Phil McKeon   (210) 656-8563           pmckeon6230@att.net

SUMMITExternal Link           Matthew Zuniga (210) 545-0406          mrzuniga24@outlook.com

TEXAS HILLSExternal Link     Carryl Vasquez (830) 377-4297         hawkstorm@yahoo.com

TWO RIVERSExternal Link    Hailey Windham/Preston Shelton (210) 566-5022 (210) 854-8167 hfwindham@sbcglobal.net/gryphon0235@gmail.com

VICTORYExternal Link           Wayne Goodwin (210) 846-8512           jeffersonpaint@hotmail.com 


Forms and instructions needed prior to election for UNITS (Please Download, Fill out and Save):

PLEASE READ FIRST: Unit Election Training for Unit Leaders (How UNITS are to prepare Unit Election Reports) 

Unit Election Preparation Form (this includes the youth candidates)

Adult Recommendation Form

Over 20 nominees Form (an additional copy of the youth candidate form)

Multiple Address Form (this is for a youth candidate with multiple addresses)

Responsibility Assignments (Outlines the duties of the Unit, the Election Team, and the Chapter Adviser)