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OA Unit Election Instructions

PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE HEREExternal Link While Alamo Area Council transitions to the new Mobile Optimized site on March 29th, The ATH pages will be a combination of  both sites. Informational pages and PDF downloads will be at the New Site linked above. Registration for Events  will be here.

The time is upon us to elect new members into the Order of the Arrow (OA).  

Troop Unit Elections kick off on October 1, 2018 and will end on December 31, 2019.  Crew and Ship Unit Elections kickoff on February 1, 2019 and end on July 31, 2019. We encourage you to schedule your election prior to the Council Wide Campout so your unit’s Candidates can participate in the OA Call-out Ceremony at Bear Creek Saturday night, but we can also accommodate your unit right up through Bear Creek Summer Camp.

There are many advantages to holding an election which includes: recognizing “honor” scouts, encouraging youth participation, leadership training, and providing another motivation to go camping and earn first class.  

For details on qualifications (youth and adult), procedures, and more detailed information, please download the Unit Elections Letter HERE.










For Scheduling Unit OA Elections please click on your District/Chapter name below.  Information you will need to submit a request is: Troop number, contact person, position in the unit, email address, phone number, address of the troop meeting location, specific location of the meeting (gym, cafeteria, etc), preferred date (1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice), preferred time, estimated eligible youth. Once the request is submitted, you will be contacted to confirm the final date and time by the election team.

If you have other questions, please contact the District/Chapter Contact listed.

CoyoteExternal Link Laura Campos
FiestaExternal Link Teresa Wishard
Selynda Noland
Juan Garza
MesquiteExternal Link Tom Martin
David Keith
Oak TreeExternal Link Donn Edington
RiverExternal Link Hailey Windham
Brad Snow
RoadrunnerExternal Link Erik Tisher
Robert Dieguez
Will Sudds

Forms and instructions needed prior to the election for UNITS (Please Download, Fill out and Save):

YOUTH UNIT ELECTION PREPARATION FORM - Unit is to prepare this report in full and SUBMIT to the Lodge in advance of the election (click SUBMIT YOUR UNIT ELECTION RESULTS HERE!External Link link below).

For Election Night, print out Pages 1 & 2 and give to the Election Team when they arrive. The Team will record your Unit Election results on these forms and return them to you.

After your election, scan these results and submit them to the Lodge through the council upload page (click SUBMIT YOUR UNIT ELECTION RESULTS HERE!External Link link below) along with your Adult Recommendation forms within three days – Thank you.

OVER 20 NOMINEES -This form is only to be used if 21 or more Youth are nominated. Follow same procedures as above

NOTE: The two Youth forms above offer pre-printed ballots - please be extremely careful when using these or any other pre-printed ballots to be sure ALL NOMINEES are included. Our Lodge is authorized to hold only ONE Unit Election per election year for each unit.

ADULT RECOMMENDATION FORM - Unit is to prepare this report in advance of the Unit Election for each Adult recommended.

Print out a copy of each Adult form, have them signed and ready to present to the Election Team for inspection and review on Election Night. The Youth election results determine the number of Adults that can be submitted.

Scan each eligible Adult form and submit them to the Lodge through the council upload page (click SUBMIT YOUR UNIT ELECTION RESULTS HERE!External Link link below) along with Pages 1 & 2 of your Youth form within three days following your Unit Election – Thank you.



RESPONSIBILITY ASSIGNMENTS (Outlines the duties of the Unit, the Election Team, and the Chapter Adviser)




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