This is the annual opportunity for eligible Scouts to be elected and Adults Recommended as Candidates for Membership in the Order of the Arrow

Unit Elections are available for all Boy Scout Troops and Varsity Scout Teams from January through March 31st

Units must schedule a date, time and place for one of our Unit Election Teams to visit their unit meeting to conduct the election and collect the Adult Recommendation form for any Adult to be submitted. The number of Adults submitted is based on the number of Youth elected - one Adult for every three Youth elected or fraction thereof.

Unit Election Teams make these visitations on their own time so advance notice of at least two weeks is required

Contact the OA Chapter Adviser in your district to schedule a Unit Election



Unit Leaders are required to have the election forms completed electronically, printed out and presented to the Unit Election Team when they arrive to conduct the Unit Election.  Hand-written forms will not be processed.

At least one copy of each form will be needed on election night. If a Unit wants its own copy, they will have to provide additional copies as desired.


For the Youth form, click HERE          Unit (Page 1) and Nominees personal information (Page 2) must be                                                                                    complete

For the Adult form, click HERE           All information must be complete and each document signed