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Alle Wolfer of Crew 804 Reaches Venturing’s Highest Achievement

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (February 13, 2017) – Most people are familiar with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), founded in 1910; but, there is a lesser known program that is part of the BSA. It is called Venturing.  Venturing is a co-ed high adventure program for youth ages 14-21. It started in the 1930s' as a program for boys ages 15 and up, called “Senior Scouts”. Senior Scouts soon became the Explorer Division of Scouting. In 1969, the Boy Scouts of America allowed Explorers to become co-ed, focusing on career exploration instead of high adventure. By 1998 the Exploring Program split into two official entities; Exploring focused on career and Venturing focused on outdoor adventure.

Venturing has a similar system of ranking as the Boy Scouts, with each award requiring a youth to show leadership, personal direction, skill, and mentorship. The Summit Award is the highest award a Venture Scout can achieve, and requires a youth to direct a community service project much like an Eagle Scout Service Project. Throughout the completion of a service project a Venturer must show personal growth, leadership and reflection.

The Alamo Area Council is proud to announce its first Summit Award recipient, Alle Wolfer. Ms. Wolfer’s Summit Project consisted of constructing benches for the Seguin Learning Center’s rifle range. When asked about what her project entailed,  Alle stated that it involved “creating schematics, planning hardware and leading the people. It was a lot of fun! I value the leadership and responsibility most out of Venturing and I love this program. It’s absolutely wonderful! Leadership applies to everything!”

Being one of 557 Venture Scouts currently registered in the 13 county service area of the Alamo Area Council, we are very proud of Alle Wolfer of Crew 804.  She achieved the highest rank in Venturing; the Summit Award.

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About the Venturing Program

Venturing is an inclusive program through the Boy Scouts of America for males and females aged 14-21 (or 13 and having completed the 8th grade).  Learn more at www.Venturing.orgExternal Link.