Scout Prayers

Below are some common Scout prayers used in the past within the Boy Scouts of America, Alamo Area Council. They are general prayers ending in Amen and Christian prayers ending in Jesus. 

Report to State Breakfast Prayer 

God, we begin a new year well fed and warmly clothed, among friends, and with more things than we need to keep us healthy and happy. We are the lucky ones. We pray for others who are not so fortunate and, more important, we want to work for them. Help show us the way to make our community, our country, and our world a place where all people enjoy good food and shelter, good friendships and peace--where all people have a fair share of the things they need to be healthy and happy and truly alive. Amen.

Bear Creek Grace

"Lord, bless us in our Scouting work.  We thank you for these gifts at our table.  And, we ask your blessing on them that they may give us good health and life to share in true fellowship.  Amen." ~ Cesar Ponce, author and longtime Scouter (penned in 1979, updated 2015)

Mays Family Scout Ranch Dedication

"Lord we wish your spirit to bless the Mays Family Scout Ranch that all that happens here will be for the betterment of the youth of our communities. We desire this to be a place of peace and harmony, where youth may find here the fellowship of scouting that gives insights to grow into mature adults, possessing a vision of living that is the Scout Oath and Law. For this purpose we do dedicate the Mays Family Scout Ranch and see your blessing upon it. This we ask in the Lord’s Name, Amen." ~ Council Chaplain Gene Horne, longtime Scout supporter (2015)

Breakfast Fundraiser:                                                                                                               


Gracious Lord we are thankful to be gathered this morning to celebrate Scouting in our communities. We are thankful for those who support its aims and work. This morning we involve your presence with this assembly. Bless our time together at table. Bless the nourishing food to our bodies and nourish of our spirits through a positive vision of the future of scouting the Alamo Area Council. Grant us the will to meet the challenges given to us by the youth of our communities. Amen.

Committee prayer:                                                                                                                    


Gracious Lord, we pray for your presence with this committee. Endow us with insight that our decisions reflect your wisdom. Give us the courage to choose and to execute wisely the vision of Scouting that our decisions may bring a bright future to the boys and girls of tomorrow. Lord may our decisions be seen daily in the lives of our youth and their families. Give a blessing to each one here and grant them your peace and righteousness, Amen.

Prayer for an award ceremony:   


Gracious Lord, sustainer of all that is good and needful, we invoke your presence as we come together to honor one for his service to our community.  We ask your presence for we are a thankful people, thankful to live in this nation, thankful to be a part of this community, thankful for scouting program in our community.  Use the thankfulness of our lives to remind us of our duty to the youth of our community.  Keep us vigilant to the opportunities grant us to serve the needs of youth.  Lord bring the joy of living to each one here through this time of table fellowship in the name of Our Lord do we pray it.  Amen.

A general Benediction: 


I commit each one here unto God’s gracious mercy and protection as you return to the pursuits in the World. May the blessing of God all sustaining, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, be upon you and remain with your always. Amen.

Prayer for Any Scout meeting:


Gracious Father we are thankful for our nation and its freedom. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve the youth of our district and the fellowship of scouting that we enjoy this evening in table fellowship. Amen.

A general Benediction:

Lord as we leave this place grant protection that we arrive at our homes safely.  Bless each us that the joy of life may be passed on the youth we serve.  Amen.

FOS breakfast:


Gracious Lord, we come giving thanks for the accomplishments of the Alamo Area Council of Boy Scouts of America this past year. We are graceful for the generosity of our community and for the labors of those who have served to make it possible for the youth of our community to grow into adulthood with the tools to give honor to You O Lord, to our nation, and to their families. Lord keep the vision of the Scouting program bright in our hearts as we move into the future.

This evening we ask for Your blessing on our fellowship and use not only this meal but use the spirit of scouting to strengthen us for the task ahead. Amen.