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Texas Hills OA Chapter welcomes new members at Winter Gathering

by Darlene Karthauser, December 8, 2014

On Saturday, December 6, at McGimpsey Scout Park in San Antonio, Arrowmen from Aina Topa Hutsi Lodge gathered for the second Ordeal for the 2014 candidates.  The new Brotherhood ceremony debuted for 14 candidates and the many Brotherhood and Vigil members in attendance.

Texas Hills Chapter attended in force with 11 members and 2 Ordeal candidates.  The ceremonial team of Antonio Flores, Andrew Chapman, Mike Kinler, and Lee Harrison performed in the Pre-Ordeal and Ordeal ceremonies on Friday and Saturday.  Julian Torres and Reid Davison served as Elangomats for two different clans. Jules Knoulton and Kendall Davison were welcomed into the Brotherhood as Ordeal members and Mike and Andrew made Brotherhood. Chapter Adviser, Carryl Vasquez, served as medic for the event and helped ceremonialists prepare for their events. Brian Fisher served as a member of the kitchen staff.

Arrowmen worked hard on service projects throughout McGimsey, including helping the Cub Scouts that were there for the day.  The Lodge Executive Committee met on Sunday morning after cleanup and a brief Scouts' Own and made several important decisions:

  • OA Elections will be extended until January 30, 2015.
  • Chapters will design a totem to be included in a Lodge design.
  • Chapters will receive a $40 stipend to hold a Leadership Development Training Day.
  • The theme for the Winter Banquet, January 31, is a combination of 100th Anniversary and Year of the Arrow.
  • A Lodge Leadership Development Training will be held on January 30 and 31 before the banquet.
  • Each Chapter will have a $200 allowance from the Lodge budget for ceremonial equipment and other chapter expenses.
  • Ordeals will be held in March and June for Fall 2014 candidates.

The future of the Texas Hills Chapter looks bright with Antonio Flores as the Chapter Chief and Carryl Vasquez as the Chapter Adviser.  These two diligent leaders continue to gather more and more active Arrowmen to participate in the many Lodge activities.  It is only right.


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