Crew 1 prepares for fundraiser

by Darlene Karthauser, November 24, 2014

Members of Venturing Crew 1 met at the Thomas family home in Comfort on Saturday, November 22, to create fun and unique items to sell for the holidays. The sale will be held on Saturday, November 29 at Hastings in Kerrville. Five crew members, two guests and three advisors gathered together to participate in this fun work day.

Associate Advisor, Caleb Thomas, first introduced the crew to the shop where they would be making grapevine wreaths, and candle holders made of a variety of native tree branches sawed into pleasing shapes. Before any work could be done, Caleb explained safety measures when working around woodworking tools. Then crew members took turns on the various saws and drills, using the safety measures and age appropriate tools.  Some members sanded the candle holders smooth, while others applied a stain to some of the candle holders.  The longer the crew worked on the candle holders, the more intricate and creative the designs became.

While Committee Chair, John Harrison supervised the woodworking along with Peter Thomas, who graciously donated his shop for the event, Caleb brought another group of crew members into the kitchen to prepare the jalapeno jelly.  Heather led  members in making the jalapeno jelly by delegating the different jobs so that everyone was involved in the chopping, stirring, measuring, and mixing of the ingredients.  The sample that was left on the table with the cream cheese and crackers quickly dwindled to nothing.  The jelly was delicious!  The Crew was excited to get their own batch made.

The jelly was finally cooked and placed in sterilized canning jars. The lids began to ping as the jelly cooled.  The woodworkers started to come in from the shop and the crew met to discuss important items for the weekend activity:  prices.  After the prices of the items were agreed upon the second most important order of business was brought up:  food for the backpacking trip to Lost Maples.  John needed to know the menu, so he could begin preparing the foods needed for the outing in December.

After the meal planning, Crew members cleaned up the Thomas kitchen, gathered all the wonderful sale items, and headed for home.  It was a very satisfying and productive day!  The prices are very reasonable, from $3 to $10. Come to Hastings in Kerrville on November 29 between 1pm and 5pm to check out our wares.  The candles, jelly, and wreaths are great Christmas present ideas.  You will want to have one of each!